Crazy Mary of Thailand!

We had a recent chat to an Aussie expat living in Thailand, Jimmyb. This guy is a character, he has ridden most of South East Asia, as well as both the east and west side of the Himalayas. But, this isn’t why we were talking to him. We have featured his builds, more than once. Let’s talk about those.


Jimmyb has a wicked hard tailed, springer front end, Honda Steed (Shadow in the USA) which peaked our interest.
This is one of the best conversions we have seen in a long time. Even for those who are not a fan of this ratrod chopper style, you can appreciate how mean this thing looks and sounds.

The Honda is a 600cc model, which has had the Harley single carburettor conversion done. The fuel is gravity feed. It has also been converted to a brass petock.

The backbone was scrapped for a single tube, and the rear end hard tailed. The ratrod inspired rusty tank was hand made in Bangkok, with the “Crazy Mary” artwork done by a local tattooist. They done it for beer. A light clear coat keeps it protected.

The springer front end is Thai made, heavy duty, two inch over. It holds a twenty one inch front wheel. The use of brass on the springer forks really set of the whole gritty theme of this chopper.

The tires are Moonstar, available in Asia. Even though they are sketchy as hell on the road, they really fill out the vibe of the Honda. The deep black of them, makes everything pop.

The King and Queen seat was a custom made job, specifically for this build. For Jimmyb it’s a great fit, but we hear his wife doesn’t find it so comfortable. The back rest keeps Jimmy nice an comfortable.

All the electrics are hidden in an oil can, under the seat. There is no speedo, no tacho, and no fuel gauge, except for the sight glass on the side of the tank. This chopper is as basic and simple as it gets.

Noise is pumped out with twin fish tail pipes, that scream 1960’s style. They add that old school chopper look. Their sound is clean as a lion’s roar.

All and all, this is an excellent build. Jimmb has went all out. It shows.

Well, thats Jimmb and his love, Crazy Mary! Thanks for reading! Please share!


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A classic, 70s honda.

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Beautiful Honda Shadow. I dont find many Harley customs…

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