Now, We Finish the Hard Tail How to!

Way back in the 1920s, a style would be born. This style is called the “Cut Down”. The bike that inspired this style was the Harley J. This style would become what we now know as the bobber.

1919 Harley Davidson J Series Vtwin

In the 1930s, the first “bob job” was performed. The first builders were inspired by two bikes. One was an Indian Dakota. The other, a Harley Davidson WLDR, of course. Both of these bikes battled it out on the tracks of sanctioned races.

1934 Harley Davidson WLDR

This style would be popular up until the 90s. Major motorcycle companies would then change the design of the common motorcycle. They would lose the hard tail design, for more comfortable designs. Most of them became two piece frames, like the Honda Shadow.

1992 Honda Shadow.

Honda Shadow kept the look, but once you remove the plastics, you find a mass ugly, useless, steel, airboxes, and wires. Wanting to go back to the original bobber look, people started trying new things, with these bikes.

Rebuilt beautiful.

People like Motor Psychol J started coming up with ways to rebuild bikes into hard tail bobbers. He would take time to learn the angles, the pipe size, and all that. He didn’t have my other article to help with the hard parts.

Motor Psychol Js

After years of practice, he learned how to build the perfect bobber. Motor Psychol Js was good enough to give us picture of their build, and now, we will take a quick walk through of the steps to install a hard tail!

Shadow 600 Hard Tail kit.

First, you need to put the kit on the bike. The kit isn’t welded up before it goes in the frame, you actually put the bars in one at a time, left side and the right side.

Im going to have to get me those pipes…

Then you set the distance of the seat bar, depending on what fender you are using. Next you tack in the left and right bars. Drill a few plug welds, and then weld them up. Weld in the middle bar. Clean up your welds.

Slide it in, weld it up, make it pretty!

With people like Motor Psychol J coming onto the seen, Honda builders have options. They give the normal guy a chance. You can buy a bike, for the price of a proper pipe bender. This guy is selling these kits, beyond reasonable.

Notch it!

If you have a piece of pipe the same size as the middle bar, cut it 2 inches longer than the kit’s middle bar. Notch out both sides. This isnt easy, but adds a little to the looks!

This kit does not come prewelded.

Looking around, this looks to be one of the best, and most reasonably priced hard tail kits out right now. I can’t find a better choice.

You can also send Motor Psychol Js a message, and have them install it…

Putting the hard tail kit in, is one of the easiest processes. Having one made, making one, makes this the hardest part of your build. Im telling you these things from experience. I tried the metal fab guys, they could only cut, stretch, and weld the pipes. This looks nasty. They couldn’t bend them. I will be ordering one of Motor Psychol Js’ hard tail kits.

The other guy… When you add that stacked up shipping, thats a brutal price to pay!

Thanks to Motor Psychol Js for the pictures, and allowing me to write about their motorcycles, hard tail kits, and builders! Check them out at :

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That is all for this time! We will be doing another about J. It will be some histroy, like how he started, he favorite stuff to make, and favorite build! Thanks again for coming by!

Motor Psychol J, Lays Pipe!

Lets meet Motor Psychol J! He is not a guy that has built only one or two bikes. J has a long line of bikes, and products that he offers to the public!

This article is about Motor Psychol Js mufflers!  J’s builds every type of pipe a person could want! The bikes you are seeing, are all also their builds.

Spider fangs!

These remind me of a spider. This is an excellent look. You can pick up a set for less than $305! That’s not bad for bikes for a set of Shadow pipes!


Motor Psychol Js does all kinds of bikes. They are a bit into the metrics. Harley has too many parts suppliers,  but he will still make pipes for them, if you ask. Mufflers are not his only parts! We will cover that next time!

Can you hear them?

J will make you a set of “your own”, pipes.   You could almost draw a line on a piece of paper,  and he will make mufflers.


Him, and his guys are putting in the work on these rides! They have turned this into a hard tail. This isnt hard for them, since they sell a hard tail kit!


I haven’t seen anything like these! That joint looks crazy! I like it!


Myself, I like straight pipes. I want to make a lot of noise! If you can’t tell from the writing.

New Yeller!

It is hard to find this many metrics coming out of one place! It is obvious that this is Motor Pychol Js passion.  If you are this good, it should be.


You can find Motor Psychol Js builds, mufflers, hard tail kits, and the rest of his stuff on Facebook.

This one is short,  but you can expect more about J and his builds! We will be taking a look at that hard tail kit, the installation,  and price! You are going to be impressed!

Those prices!!!
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The VStar Silverado, Mark Geller’s build!

Today, we are going to take a look at a VStar! These bikes are great to customize! If you are paying attention,  im a bobber guy. These make excellent bobbers!

Lets take a look at Mark’s. Mark has a beautiful bike on his hands. Look how it is sitting on the ground! That would be his air ride suspension.  She lays down!

Mark has been able to add the air ride, and keep it unseen.  Her wheels are powered coated. This is the best way to go. Its hard to chip. He has went the complete paint journey, with this one. By completely stripping the bike down yo the frame, Mark has been able to paint the frame. A lot of people, they dont take it that far. They paint the fuel tank, and that is almost all. The colors are also excellent matches.

Im a flake type of person!

Flake, pearl, flip flop, chameleon, I love them all! As you see here, he has added Paint Huffer metal flakes to his custom tank.  This tank sits on top of the frame. To me, that gives a better stance. The tank sits up high, giving it a more custom built look. Then, it isnt easy to get a peanut for a VStar. He as doon an excellent job at fitting this one to his bike!

The hang ons!

To add to the look and comfort,  he has added a set of 16 inch apes! For taller rider, this is a perfect setup! If you are not as tall, it is still a great look, and comfortable ride. How fast is that ride?

What kick stand?

Mark has stepped it up, when it comes to speed. First, look at this Vstar! He has done an excellent job with everything! This is a top of the line bobber! Everything is slimmed down, the frame is chopped, the suspension is replaced, the pipes are cut, the intake is custom, and that paint! This is an awesome build. Let’s get to the go fast! This bike is an 1100, but he has stepped up the engine, along with the look!


Man! Those pipes are hot, and not just because of exhaust fumes! It seems he might have lost a tie, but the wrap is done properly. If you look, he has started from the bottom and went to the top. Wrap can damage your pipes, wrapped top to bottom. If you wrap from top to bottom, the laps will hold water. This will put rust lines on your pipes, and cause the wrap to rot.

A deep breathe of fresh air!

This VStar also includes dual custom intakes. This style is an excellent way to go in places with sand and weather. Volciety stacks are safe. The filter on them, it does keep out junk, but not like this. Always remember,  you need to jet your carbs when doing exhaust and intake!

6sigma Jet Kits

6sigma Jet Kits is one of the best places to get the parts for your carburetor builds. I have purchased ebay kits. They don’t not compare. 6sigma has taken it a step up. They offer a great selection.  You can get carb parts for any bike. It is as simple as entering your make and model. Then, they take in account for your altitude, allowing for better performance. 


6 really does have the best information. They send it out with every kit. Their pamphlet includes tricks to get a better throttle response,  to how to do every step of the build. This pamphlet is detailed enough for any skill level of builders. 6sigma is the way to go. Mark has went well passed this boost in power.

The horse farm!

A lot of bikes, taking off the cover of the engine is pointless. You cannot get the parts for boring it out, or high lift cams. Matt has done this rebuild to include high lift cams! He has really done as much as possible! A VStar is a great option, when it comes to building a custom bike! Lets look at a couple!

What a beauty.

Look at that front wheel! This is beautiful bike! Everything about it says that is Naughty! Great work!

Yak horns! Some of my favorites!

Tom proves that the straight bars are an excellent choice for a VStar! The original flow also of the original tank, is a smooth look. Another great build!

Bars, bullets, and bulbs!

This VStar has had the sissy bar added, some white walls,  exhaust,  and engine work. James has also included a nice se of neons for the night rides! Beautiful!

A mirror for her makeup?

If you dont like Chrome, do you really like motorcycles? Chrome is a lot of work to keep up. Streling has put in that elbow time, keeping this bike clean and amazing!

A stance of a proud thoroughbred!

With her head held up high, and her back end poised to go, you have to love the look of the VStar! Korey has done an excellent job at showing this! These bikes are nice, factory, or custom.

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The Low Down Rally, at Metric Bobbers!!!


With a smile on her face, this 83 Honda Nighthawk brings in the morning. The 80s came out with some nice bikes. It is too bad that it took us 40 years to figure it out! Let’s get out of this field… SLUGGER! BLOCK THE ROAD, ITS TIME TO START HER UP!

Over here, blocking the road, we got Slugger and is01 kawasaki Bobber. This bike includes the custom coffin tank, custom bars, and a custom seat. The pipes are straight, blasting eardrums, everywhere they go. Beautiful. Is that Walter White? Is he cooking that crap again?

Oh! NO! That is that1980 xs400, “Trailerpark Hollywood”! This bike is a custom with the styles or a bobber and the stance of a cafe. Those straight pipes let’s everyone know when she is screaming though the trailer. That camper would be nice to have! I would be sitting on Dirty Myrtle! WHAT WAS THAT!

it’s an 05 VStar 650 classic, and it looks fast, just sitting there. This bike is a Metric Bobber. The fenders are gone, the plastics are gone, the tail is hard. The pipes are chopped. She is slimmed down, trained up, ready to run like one of those Peeky Blinder horses on coke. Excellent.

Haus. Thats what im calling this one. She is built! She looks like she is ready to fight! The lettering is excellent!

The 90s is another generation of excellent looking bikes. With just a few cuts, you can have a bobber look, and keep the hidden mono shock, on these Shadows. LOOK OUT! HERE COMES KUBER!

This man is a biker. He doesn’t get off this bike. Kuder, can we get a look at the bike? Can you get off?

Thank you. This 05 honda shadow spirit 750 is well kept, and a nice look to it. The sissy bar, the seat, the bars, all custom. They bring a lot to the bike. Up next… Wow.

Again, the 80s. This 85 honda magna 700 shows what some love and hard work, can get you. This is a top of the line Metric Bobber. The shine on that paint, is worth more than some bikes.

Come up ten years, you got this, 1994, 1100 honda Shadow Spirit. All those years, and she shines, runs, and rides. Honda builds a great bike. This next one, she is as badass, but not a Honda!

A 2009 Yamaha V star 650 custom. This bike has that look of The Great Escape. The paint pays respect to the troops that rode a bike. The seat, tires, frame, chrome, sets the bike apart. Here comes James! I bet he has something to show and tell us!

What do you have for us, James?

“My junkyard built XV250 with a jockey shifter and foot clutch!”

Look at that pipe! Junk is never built in a junkyard! This thing screams. A 250 is an excellent ride around town bike. They are cheap on fuel, and look great!

You got anything else, James?

“Sure do”.

“Both are my first builds ever! I bought the first one as a $600 all stock Vstar 650 classic! I just started cutting and going at it till it is how it looks now!”

Thats how you learn how!

“The second bike was originally my wife’s first bike! I bought her a cbr600 and she gave me the virago!”

That is an excellent wife! He got another bike, and she got another bike! A family that rides together, stay together! What is it, James?

” it’s a 2007, with super low miles! So, I immediately started, cutting it up, modding it with parts I found from Allen’s Cycle, my local motorcycle junkyard! I always wanted a jockey shift bike! I cut up some stuff and made my own and I love it!”

That is the dream! If you haven’t been to your local junkyard, go. You can end up like James, 2 badass builds! A little imagination and you could have a bike like those, or this next one!

99 Honda shadow 600. Again, those 90s Shadows are where it is at! I own one, and I’m probably fixing to have another.

This Yamaha XVS650, can also live in my garage. I can almost here the wind and engine. Then, it goes quiet. Yall here that water? What beautiful bike, and spot!

Here is Chris’ other ride, an old Lambretta chopper! This is perfect! You can take it to your local races, swap meets, whatever, and have a ride! Then, it is more custom than most bikes! This is nice! Great job!

CHILLING ON A BACK ROAD! DRINKING SOMETHING ICE COLD! I’m walking to these trees to smoke something fat that i rolled! We find Harry, and his VZ800. This picture can have a place on my wall. It defines the mindset of the biker. It makes you want to jump on his bike, and go see what is over that next hill!

Kawasaki vn 800 classic! I like those highway bars. Thats the first I have seen, made that way. This will protect the engine, in a crash.

Xochitl, what do we have here?

“1974 Honda 450 my first build when I was 16!”

I am impressed. What else do you have for us?

“My 2011 Honda shadow 750!”

Nice! She is clean! I can’t wait to see what you do next! I’m heading back one by the water!

Look, a Honda Steed 600! I dont see many of these! Steeds are not where I am from! It has that 90s Shadows look! A lot of it is the same. That plastic behind the seat, for one! This is a nice Steed!


A mean, Intruder vs700 1986! Did you know you could not get a bike over 700cc in America, imported to America, in 86? You couldn’t. This bike is not available in other countries! These Intruders, they get me.

We will talk about that at the next Intruder. First, Vulcan Classic. The Blue Beast! What a fast looking ride! That angle this bike sits at, I love it!

And now, a 06 Honda Shadow VLX 600C. You see a lot of Shadows, for a good reason. Honda had excellent designs, when it comes to anything. The shadow is the motorcycle world’s Civic. You can do anything with a Civic, or Shadow.

This one has a different style. David has used his front fender, as his back fender. Personally, I enjoy this look. It does the job, keeping you dry, and adds to his look. That front tire isn’t hurting this bike, either. That is the look I want. David, where did you get those tires? I’ll be needing a set!

A work of art. What else can I say? Don’t quote me, but this is Mark’s first build. Atleast that is what I think he said. He done it all, even that tank! Impressive! Quit your day job, build. This Suzuki Savage 650 lives up to the Savage name.

Come on! We are going to get high with Jason!

You thought i meant weed? Nope! We are getting on the roof! Look down there! See the 2000 Honda magna 750? Beside it is a 1987 Kawasaki ninja 250 R! Excellent rides!

Jason, also, has another one! A 1982 virago 920! Again, the 80s! The bikes are beast. Im looking for me a bike like this. My girl loves to ride with me, but can’t ride my bobbers. Then he has these three!

A 2000 Honda magna 750, a 1980 Kawasaki 440, and a 1982 Yamaha virago 920. That magna is a nice ride, not to say all of them are not nice rides! I’m sure they are! Lets go inside the garage! We have a build going on in there!

We have a Honda Shadow VT600, hardtailed with a DNA springer front end, and Harley front wheel. This is a versatile builder! He has done some things to this bike! He us showing the definition of a Bobber! Todd isn’t doing too bad for himself, either.

This is the Honda Shadow 600 Bobber look, another reason people love Shadows. By chopping off the back seat supports, and fender mounts, this bike becomes a bobber looking bike. Removing the fender, completes the look.

There is danger in buying someone else’s monoshock bobber build. Make sure the shock is still own the bike, or something has been added to hold the frames in place. A lower look on the Shadows can be achieved by putting nothing under there.

This is dangerous, and can fold the bike, while you ride. Todd has this taken car of. If he didn’t, the plastics behind the seat would line up straighter with the back frame.

This is an awesome build! The forks add a lot! That redone seat is also nice!

Honda 750, 1973. Just look at it. Brian has it down. Hush. Look at this. Sit there and look at. Some bikes don’t need a lot of words. This bikes age and look, they say everything!

A Kawasaki VN800! This is a smooth bike. She isn’t chopped all up! That is ok. Some bikes need to stay like they were made. Its got some custom stuff, but it is kept right. If it rides good, and looks the way you want, you can’t ask anymore than this.

Another, savage, 01 Suzuki Savage! Suzuki are mean looking bikes! Even from the angle, this bike shows that it is street mean! Here is another street mean Suzuki!

The 1989 Suzuki intruder 1400. The 80s and 90s Intruder tanks are some of the best looking tanks. Dave has done nothing but improvements to this one! You can look for a solid hour, and not see everything!

The bars. The seat. The flat black. This 2000 yamaha road star, is a star of the road. Dave done it twice!

A cafe racer! This 1980 xs400 US Custom is built to race! John has given it a nice stance and made her look fast! This is an excellent style for taller riders!

Speed, looks, and a loud scream. This Yamaha xv 1700, has every bit of that! Wendell has put a lot into this bike, and it shows!

Suzy! 800 intruder… Im scared. I am scared because this bike reminds me of my first build. She is a hellyun. I cant beat her! I love her, the looks she gives off, the sound…

Anyways! We are talking about Joe’s! This bike shines! If you dont like that blue, you are lost in a sea of gray! Those big tims they put on front, they are sweet! Intruders are awesome, just not mine.

Look, it is an excellent build. Dennis forgot to tell me the make and model, but I can guess what his bike is. Can you? Leave your guess in the comments!

Jory caledl this 81 g.s. 1000g, ugly. This is a Bobber! Gas tank, engine, seat, frame, tires, that is all a real one has. That is all that is this picture. Jory has payed true respects to the original styles!

This has been a long one! Im getting tired! Thats ok. I have had real fun!

These last three, as the sun sets, are blocking our other roads. This 99 Shodow 600 of Mat’s is nice! The two tone pipes gives it it’s on look. The picture is also amazing!

Here we have an amazing picture! This XVS 1100 build is something most dream of. That black on black… the sexiness of how the seat fits the finder. Curves… Beyond remarkable.

What a day of amazing bikes! Here is our last one! When you say you have a bobber, this 82 XS650 is what I imagine. I want to see through the bike. I dont want to see added parts, fenders, plastics, fake oil cans, or anything extra. This is perfect! Micheal has done it!

ALRIGHT THAT’S IT! GET OFF MY ROADS AND OUT OF MY FIELD! IT OVER! Ah hell, light a fire. Let’s camp, tell stories, and get drunk!

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ATB Vintage Motorcycle Gear.

Crazy Mary of Thailand!

We had a recent chat to an Aussie expat living in Thailand, Jimmyb. This guy is a character, he has ridden most of South East Asia, as well as both the east and west side of the Himalayas. But, this isn’t why we were talking to him. We have featured his builds, more than once. Let’s talk about those.


Jimmyb has a wicked hard tailed, springer front end, Honda Steed (Shadow in the USA) which peaked our interest.
This is one of the best conversions we have seen in a long time. Even for those who are not a fan of this ratrod chopper style, you can appreciate how mean this thing looks and sounds.

The Honda is a 600cc model, which has had the Harley single carburettor conversion done. The fuel is gravity feed. It has also been converted to a brass petock.

The backbone was scrapped for a single tube, and the rear end hard tailed. The ratrod inspired rusty tank was hand made in Bangkok, with the “Crazy Mary” artwork done by a local tattooist. They done it for beer. A light clear coat keeps it protected.

The springer front end is Thai made, heavy duty, two inch over. It holds a twenty one inch front wheel. The use of brass on the springer forks really set of the whole gritty theme of this chopper.

The tires are Moonstar, available in Asia. Even though they are sketchy as hell on the road, they really fill out the vibe of the Honda. The deep black of them, makes everything pop.

The King and Queen seat was a custom made job, specifically for this build. For Jimmyb it’s a great fit, but we hear his wife doesn’t find it so comfortable. The back rest keeps Jimmy nice an comfortable.

All the electrics are hidden in an oil can, under the seat. There is no speedo, no tacho, and no fuel gauge, except for the sight glass on the side of the tank. This chopper is as basic and simple as it gets.

Noise is pumped out with twin fish tail pipes, that scream 1960’s style. They add that old school chopper look. Their sound is clean as a lion’s roar.

All and all, this is an excellent build. Jimmb has went all out. It shows.

Well, thats Jimmb and his love, Crazy Mary! Thanks for reading! Please share!


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I cant thank yall enough. In my drafts, are a few new things. I have more rally post from your groups! Those are fun for everyone. Ill be doing one for every group that allows me to share! Also, I am doing destinations, places to stop and eat, and reviews of merch. There is a lot more coming!

A classic, 70s honda.

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Beautiful Honda Shadow. I dont find many Harley customs…

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Winterizing/Storing The Steed!

That time of year, it is here. For a lot of the world, it is time to for winterizing the motorcycle, and putting it up. There is a process for this. We are going to go over that process.

Getting in that last ride…

This isnt just for winter. Say you are one of the world’s troops. It is your time to go. You live in a tropical area, cold wont hurt your bike. This is, obviously, true. Fuel is your enemy. Fuel is the enemy in the cold. The weather does not matter.

Brotherhood, and remembrance.

Hell, maybe you are a 1%er, and you done caught a case. They are fixing to sit you down for a bid. You dont want your bike rusting out. Parking it in a garage, without following these steps, will have you coming home to nothing.

The life isn’t always a choice, or a mistake.

Within a year, the fuel will have tarnished your carbs. This is going to get into places that you can’t clean. Ultrasonic cleaners will not help. Your carbs are damaged.

Intruder 800 Carb. Sat 2 years, with fuel.

The first step to preventing this, turn off your petcock… I had too. You have to start at the very beginning. The next step is to drain your carbs. This will prevent the damage above.

Drain port.

On the lowest point of all carbs, you will find a drain port. Find a hose to slide over this port, or pour fuel all over your bike. That is your choice. Losen this screw, and your carb will drain all the fuel out. Removing the screw, completely, will get fuel all over your bike. You shouldn’t have to remove your fuel tank, but it will make it easier. You will, most likely, have to remove a breather cover. It’s as easy as a couple screws. Remember, if it is Japanese, use a JA screw driver. Dont strip stuff.

Corrosion from water in fuel.

In higher temperatures areas of the world, fuel evaporates inside your tank. This means it separates. That means water vapor goes everywhere. When a carb isn’t drained, your choke can end up looking like the picture above.

92 Shadow. Tank was stored with fuel. Cleaning destroyed it.

Water vapor is Hell. The tank above was cleaned, and then a hole was pushed through it while sanding. The next step is to find your overflow for your gas tank. It is either a port, or black hose. Dind a bolt a hair bigger than the inside diameter of the hose, or a cap for the port. You can put a piece of hose on the port, and a bolt. Screw the bolt inside the end of the hose. This will allow you to fill your tank as high as the lid. Doing this. will keep down vapor.

Look under the neighbor’s trailer. They are free…

Next, you really need a motorcycle stand. You need you tires up off the ground. It doesn’t matter where you store it. The tires need to be off the floor. Leaving them down, will cause flat spots. But a stand that hold up both tires, or steal a block from the neighbors…

Tend to it.

Batteries are not cheap. You need to keep it on a tender. Trickle charge it, and not need to buy another. If you can’t, don’t leave it hooked up. This will cause corrosion.

These things are easy to do. Most people in the North North of Northern America, they tell me gas treatment, for storage, is a bad idea. They say it will gunk up the carbs. I will leave that up to you. Follow these simple steps, and keep your bike for years.

Just the tips…

1. If you are in the extreme cold, check the minimum temperature on your battery. Make sure it won’t freeze.

2. Take the battery inside, if it is cold. Make it a bed.

3. If animals can get to it, cover the holes, like the exhaust. Rats need homes, too. Your muffler is a quick one.

4. In extremely hot weather, make sure the tank can let off pressure. One way is a vented cap for your fuel tank.

5. Keep it in a climate controlled environment. If you can’t, use more than one tarp. One will dry out from the sun, letting water in.

6. These things will save thousands at a shop. Tires, battery, carbs, you can keep them, if you try.

Look me up on Facebook! Buy a sticker!

That’s all it takes! You can save your bike. Dont be the person selling your bike for half the worth, because of carbs. Store it properly. It doesn’t take a mechanical engineer to do. Thanks for reading! Give me a share!


Honda Shadow VLX, pull them bikes in here! Fill it up! Lets see what you guys are riding! Let’s get it started!

Im your host, Kris Kay! These are the top bikes of Honda Shadow VLX!

Motor Pychol J, block the road! Everyone is in! Let’s get this rally going! Let them roar!

It is a mutant!

Look at that monoshock. Look at the seat. He has taken the style of a cafe racer, and shuffled it with a bobber! This bike has a clean look, and ill be stealing the idea on my next monoshock build. Im also going to have to pick me up some of these pipes, this guy makes.

Those forks!

Ritchie Rhoades! This is the admin of Honda Shadow VLX. He came today with multiple bikes! Look at these choppers. Those forks are something else! This bike has a nice stance, and smooth look. What does he have next?

No need for too much!

Good paint, clean, some silver and gold, and you have a very respectful ride! This bike will hold value. Someone has cared for it. It will last for a few more generations, unless someone on a cellphone gets it… OH LOOK! He has another!


This one reminds me of those old school choppers! The tail… The rake… Get your motor running! GET OUT ON THE HIGHWAY! What is that?

Those bull horns.

Austin has those bars sitting like it is fixing to ram everything out of his way! I also like the apes to be up a little. She is mean, and well kept! Let’s go see Justin, over here eith the background.

That circle…

I can’t look at the bike, for the back ground. What is this circle? Who built it? It is mesmerizing. The bike! Ok… ok… The lane splitting bars, the shot gun pipes, that clean black, is nice. I would not kick her out of the garage. I really love the pipes.

A bobber!

Tyson has a nice one, over here! Cool take a look! I dont have a back fender, but these guys make me want one. The black out wraps on the pipes, even though heat gets them, are pretty badass. Those pipes are gone! WHAT THE HELL? THAT IS LOUD AND SKIRTS ARE GOING EVERY WHERE!

Man… She would get the wife’s side of the bed!

THAT IS SAM, PULLING UP WITH THOSE PIPES! White walls are always a good choice. It adds a lot. My red mud drive way, will not stop me. Then, the leather work, from the frame bag, to the tank! That is one sweet look!

That filter adds a lot, but isn’t needed.

What a nice piece of work! Brandon has a ride with him! I think he knows it! This is one of my favorites. NEXT!

Ready to tour!

When im riding the girl around, going to the mountians, the lake, and all, this is what we ride. I am not a club member, but im a member of a family. This bike is almost like our loaner bike. It is a, comfortable, excellent ride. WHO JUST PUNCHED ME IN THE FACE!

That old school drag…

Todd! Dont start that thing, while I’m behind it! I think you chipped my tooth! This is mean. She looks like a black panther! Her ears are back, her chest is poked out. She isn’t playing, a Sportster might be on the menu!

Straight bars are an excellent addition!

Some bikes have bars that you can flip upside down. It looks like a ram’s horns. I never thought 80s ten speed, or mountain bike, styles of bars would look good, but they look perfect.


David has built him up a nice ride! Those spokes look great! The thin white wall is also sweet!

A family event!

Al has done it! He has made sure his next generation is insprided to ride, and insprided a female rider! This is his, and his daughter’s bikes! This awesome to see! My boy will ride…

He didn’t…

Jim! He got lost over next to Muthill! He couldn’t make it, so he sent us this picture. Jim, I have never seen a sign like that. You, my friend, are lost. Nice bike though!

Bikes and water…

Steve is over by the lake! I don’t know about you guys, but I always end up at the water. The lake, the river, waterfalls, they have the best roads. What a beautiful day.

We gotcha!

Three of my favorite pictures are of my best friend, my son-in-law, and my wife. I caught them climbing onto a bike, for the first time. You can see them falling in love, in the pictures. This pictures reminds me of that.

Got the nut!

Chris has himself a nice setup! The peanut tank gives the bike a slimmer look, when it sits up on the frame. A lot of people think they will have less gas. That isnt always true. A lot of the tanks are the same size, or bigger! Who are those fellas crowding? My money says it is Amber!

Factory, perfect!

BACK UP, FELLAS! GIVE HER ROOM TO BREATHE! I know, there isnt many lady riders! Yall trying hard to ride on the bike of that bike! It is a nice bike! I would go for a ride. Goldberg is pulling in, he will give them a distraction!

Custom, custom, custom!

This is one of my favorite paint jobs out of all these pictures. The rims are excellent looking. The pipes remind me of a spiders front legs. Very nice. GET THE FIRE EXTINGUISHER! FIREEEEEE!


No! Hang on! Wait. That is just Rocky with that fire paint job! I am not a big fan of fire and skulls, but the way the fire flows from front to back, sells me on it! I would ride it like ghost rider!

Coffee black!

The engine roars with the energy of a fresh pot of coffee. It picks you up. It makes you feel good. It starts your day! What a beast! Rocky has those rides!

Like a streak in the sky…

Beautiful blue! Rocky has some work in that blue! This is my favorite color. That shine isn’t the easiest to get! That seat looks like it makes this a very comfortable ride.. Great job.

Copper penny!

This bike is a site! Rocky done it again! Somebody needs to stop him, and pay him! This back fender is excellent. You see the rest! Yall feel something hunting us? Is that a spider web?

Black wifow!

Steven has himself a monster, caught from the Amazon. This black widow is poisoning! It will cause you a serious infection! That infection will make you build a bike just like it! LOOK OUT! HE IS COMING IN HOT!

Speed demon!

Its Tobias! And my bad! He isn’t even on the bike. Whwn yoy build a bike that looks this fast, what fo you expect? She looks like she is ready to brawl with the Zeros of WW2!


Those stripes, that fade, that is craftsmanship! The volcitey stack look awesome, sitting out there, proving this is a finely tuned machine! The black out rims, with the white walls! Tough!

Colorless, but tasteful!

Lenny keeps his bike up. He keeps it clean, and classy. This is a great ride, and an excellent one to pass down to the kids.

Wear your helmet, Joseph.

That is a lot of bikes to walk through, and give an option on. Joseph, let me sit with you for a moment. All this talking… What do you think? Am I doing all right? Do you think ill get a share on this one? What do you think, Joe? Joseph? He is sleeping. TRAVIS, WAKE HIM UP!

Bobber, defined.

These are my prfered machines. The emptiness that allows you to see though the frame. The tanks. The seat. Those tires. It all works. Anyone would be proud to ride this bike. Yes, I know, he has a back fender, blah blah, blah. I say put the front fender back on. Rocks hurts, water sucks. WHY IS IT COLD!

Slow blowing? Snow blasting.

A hibernating bear! She has a nice coat, good paws, and will run the forest again, in the summer. If you deal with snow, you should have a nice bike, like this. You have months to baby it! I’m going down here with Natasha! She is in the sun, by the river!

Where did she go? She is hiding from all these dudes, or taking a swim. Let’s check out her big v twin! Natasha has put some miles on her. That’s what it is built for. She has seen some beautiful places on this bike. Many roads traveled, many stars in the night sky, chased. Let’s let her do her thing. That road is open… JOSH! GET IN TRAFFIC!

Kept her value.

Joshua, get out of traffic. Don’t leave your bike! It is too nice. From bangers to brake light, this is how you keep your bike’s value.

That name is wrong…

Chad keeps her up! I want him to ride the other bike! Thats a YouTube I would watch.

Three beauties…

Look at these two beautiful ladies. These are some jam up Shadows. But I said three. If my ole lady ask, I was offering my coat…

Blonde, bombshell, and bobber.

This is Adam’s third, but first beautiful lady. Wow. Thats all I’m going to say. She is a married lady, wow. Alright, point me to another bike, before my wife gets jealous. Robbie has hotdogs.

Soggy dog, fast ride.

Did yall see… Let me get a hotdog. THE BUN IS WET! Thats nasty, like this bike! Except the bike is nasty, in a great way! Steven is coming in with his three!

Tres Amigos!

These three amigos, are now two amigos. Steve sold one. Steven and the two cry at night, they miss their friend. They find joy in the wind, knowing the third amigo is somewhere out there. Carrying a new set of knees in the breeze.

Red Rocket!

This is Dustin’s rocket sled! It comes fast and hard, stuck in the wind, with a smile on his face! Excellent ride!


This rake pays respect, where it is due. Harry, I misspelled Harry, has him a serious chopper. This ride is not for the new guy! It takes skill to be this classical.


Chad has those fish tails! I have never actually seen a pair. They look nice! When they are on longer pipes, they remind me of Biker Mice From Mars. Epic pipes, on an epic ride!


Careful, down the alley, behind the wall, is the Red Diablo! It is a bobber that will take your soul, or you will sell it to go for just one ride!

Three Spikes.

Check out that custom sissy bar! This bike doesn’t need anything, but that bar adds even more! Sharp! FLIP IT OVER!

The same bike, but that’s against the rules!

Nope. It is the same bike, but is two different bikes, if you look at each side. Mendez has got skills.

A classic shot.

Dan catches that classic picture with this shot. The helmet on the bars. The top of the engine. The sky reflecting from the chrome. The shine on the tank. This is emmaculate.


Dan has a beauty, Bu has the beast! I want to walk around this bike. I want to look at it. I want to sit on it. It screams that is an unbroken stead, and that it wants me to try my luck!

Screaming Shadow.

Look at this! Jogn has a monster of a Shadow, and displays the badges with pride! What a nice looking ride around! Yall hear my ole lady yelling my name? I do. I bet she found a purple bike.

Purple Power, and her Caprice.

Yep, she is over here at Waylon’s bike. That is a nice bike. I wont mention the 1991 Caprice. Waylon was the first person to share his bike. Thanks Waylon! Look at what you helped to do!

Chrome and the yellow sun set.

Edward, im tired. I got two more bikes to go. The sun is setting. I have been at this for hours. I think there might be more than 50. What a beautiful view.

Glowing in the last light.

Ayy, im running out. Leads us out, on this beautiful afternoon. It was an adventure to take a close look of these bikes. I haven’t found a bad one. They all have their owner’s touch. That is as beautiful as th Ayy’s sunset.

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Come but a sticker so I can get a website!

Thank you all for reading! Thanks for sharing your pictures! I hope you all found a little happiness in these! This was a lot of work! Please share! PLEASE!

Let’s Go Ahead and Wire Up That Headlight.

This article will teach you how to wire up your headlight,  anyway you want to do it. This includes highbeam always on, low beam with a switch for highbeam on, low beam, or highbeam, all on/off lights, and day time running lights.

We are going to learn this with Christmas lights…

When I was a kid, teen, and into my early 20s, I loved bicycles. One of our big things qas to put lights under them. Normally,  we used a 9 volt battery and a Christmas light. This lead to buying a lot of batteries.  Quickly,  we learned how switches worked. This article will tell you what i learned.

Power on/Key switch.

First, lets go over the basics.  This switch, above, it represents your key switch. Your main power needs to come from this switch, to the fuse box. This will turn everything off, when you turn the key off.

Fuse box.

For this job, this 9 volt battery will represent your fuse box. Your switch turns on the power to this box. Your lights has its own fuse. Hook your hot into this location on the fuse box. It is marked, +. The top of the fuse box will tell you the correct fuse. The negative can be hooked anyway you can bolt it on, the battery,  or the fuse box

White is ground, blow is low, green is high.

Coming from most head lights, you only have three wires. One wire is the hot to the highbeam, one is hot to lowbeam, and one is ground. Here we have a blue for low, a green for high, and white for ground. Pictured below is our set up, using the same colors. 

White is ground, blue is low, green is high.

Our first set up is going to be “always on”. This is the simplest. Normally the bright light is always on. You want to hook up your green wire to the hot that comes from the fuse box. Then, hook up your ground.

Always on.

Today, we will make a custom coolant overflow.

If you have seen them, you love them. Custom coolant overflows, using bottles, is an awesome idea! It also adds to the unique look of your bike.

First, we find a bottle. I found mine at a local rehab thrift store. It was only $7.49. It is a thick syrup bottle from 1976. The design is the bicentennial celebration of the United States.  Your bottle needs to be thick. It needs to be over 20 ounces. It needs to hold overflow.

Next, we need to take the first part of the coolant over flow line off the radiator fill line. This line is located under the cap.  Remove the entire hose, all the way to the coolant overflow.

You are going to need enough of the hose to reach to the bottom of your bottle. The radiator will need to suck all the coolant back out of the bottle. As you remove the hose from the bike, ou will also find the black male to male connector pictured below.

This black piece is important.  It guarantees that you have the right size hose coming out of the top of your bottle to fit to your overflow outlet on your bike. Place this piece in the center of you lid. Mark the lid buy circling the bottom of the piece.

You are now going to need to drill a hole where your circle is. MAKE IT THE EXACT SIZE. You want a snug fit. You also need to drill another small pinhole in the lid. This will allow some of the pressure to escape.  Dont drill the hole, and you could bust your bottle.

Next, we are going to attach the hose, the lid, and the male to male connector.  Slide the connector through the top of the hole in the lid. Slide it down until the middle touches the lid.

Now press the hose onto the male piece. Make sure you place the hose on the inside of the lid. Press it tightly against the lid. Use one of the factory clamps to hold the pipe. This will keep a snug fit.

Next, you have to hang the bottle from the bike. The two bolts that hold on the plastic at the top front of the frame, are an excellent place. But first, you must figure out how to hang it.

Instead of welding up something, I used an old leather belt. After making it fit around the bottle, it was glued together.  Then, pop rivets to hold. The belt comes up the back, to allow for it to be bolted on.

Now all that needs to be done is bolting it up, and running a hose from under the radiator overflow to my bottle! This adds a nice look, but can be dangerous.  You are adding glass. If you dont drill a hole to release pressure,  this can explode.

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Thats all there is to it! Good luck on your builds, and thanks for reading! Check me out on Facebook at A Biker’s Life For Me!