Tattoos and the Freedom of Expression. :opinion

Through out history tattoos have gotten many raps. In America, they have about every rap. Some are seen as good things, like memorials, or religions. Some are seen as gang signs, and some are seen as just art. In this, we explore the rights of a person with tattoos.

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“For my son…”, Todd Lawrence

People make the choice to express themselves in many ways. Some write, some draw, some get tattoos. Tattoos are covered under the freedom of speech. A a tattoo is a person’s expression. However, the artist that does the art, has almost no rights. In America, we protect all types of artist. They have rights just for them, and laws to protect them. Our constitution starts with the protection of art. Art like speech and all other types of expression. Yet, a tattoo artist is only threatened by laws.

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Clover and skulls, Tony Lee.

In South Carolina, which has only legalized tattoos in the last 15 years or so, an artist cannot tattoo fingers, hands, necks, or people’s faces. You can bet, we as citizens, do not really care about that law. We get them done anyways. The artist doesn’t have a choice, if they want to eat. I got eight on my fingers, illegally, in a legal shop. It is my body. If a person can change their sex, i should be able to color my body.

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$100 bills rose, Chase Williams.

The workplace… We all know the laws a workplace is forced to follow, when it comes to the freedom of expressing ourselves. If we decide we we no longer feel like a man, we can change ourselves into a woman. They cannot fire us, or punish us. This is protected.

May be an image of one or more people and tattoo
Demon and graveyard, Chase Williams.

Freedom is a strange thing. You can put on a dress and show up for work, and nobody can tell you any different, or hold it against you. You can do this for as long as you want. You can go as far as to use the Ladies’ room! Now, if you put a big pretty piece of artwork on your arm, and some opinionated person runs the company, you are fired. It does not seem fair.

May be an image of one or more people and tattoo
Japanese Traditional, Todd Lawrence.

For me, on your time, wear the dress. If it is my company, you would be given a uniform. Everyone would dress the same, and i would not deal with the whole sex argument. As for tattoos, i got nine of mine to say to hell with the rules, and visible, so i don’t have to work for those types. I would protect my tatted up employees. If you had a problem with my employees, we would not do business.

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Skulls, Steven Kerr.

I see it as a person’s sexual preference is protected, because it is their pursuit to happiness. I see them changing their appearance as their freedom of expression. I also see a person getting a tattoo as a person on their pursuit to happiness. I see them as a person showing off their freedom of expression. In my opinion, tattooed people changed their body for the rest of their life. They should be protected.

May be an image of William Patrick Wilson and tattoo
Broken Chains Hope Dealer, William Wilson

But… When it comes to rights, you must consider them all. An employer has worked hard for what they have. It belongs to them. As you do on your property, they have the right to decide. The right to private property, and control of that property, should trump any freedom of expression, and all other freedoms, unless it is pointing out wrong doing on that property. Business owners keep the world turning, they have rights ,and rules to follow. Having the choice to have employees without tattoos, or that overly express the sexual preference, should always be a right the employer has.

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Thanks for reading! What do you think? Should getting a tattoo give you special rights?


Murdered in the Name of Clubs.

So… A guy, just a normal guy, a biker, of course, gets tattoos. He decides on some witchcraft looking, biker, tattoos. If you have tattoos, you know how they become your art. His became his.

He rides, and is proud of his new art. He shows it off. People like his tattoos. He finds patches to match… Time passes. Some see his tattoos and pathces, and decide he shouldn’t have them. He didnt earn them. Their plan, go to his home, beat him up, bust up his bike, and rob his home. He decides that is not going to happen. He defends his home.

Unfortunate for him, he is out numbered, and ends up murdered. See, his tattoos were close to being Pagan MC and Warlock MC tattoos. A couple members of those clubs decided they would take their club, nation wide clubs, from charitable 501cs, that helps people, to an OMG. They decided they would conduct themselves as gang members.

A club member walks a fine line. It takes one action, from one member, under that club’s name, to turn a club member into a gang member. Only a couple members have put these entire chapters in trouble.
Now, because of the cut, every member is seen as a gang member. Every member can be charged with murder. The city has decided to charge a few members with gang activity.

Anti-gang laws are serious laws. Ricco is even worse. If the federal government wanted to, because they done the crimes under the club names, they could go after entire clubs, nationwide. Lucky for clubs, the fed knows these couple people, acting on their own, doesn’t represent these clubs.

Some laws are old laws, and can be used against members. Here in South Carolina, we have crazy lynching laws. It is very easy to catch a 15 year charge. Watching a fight is enough to catch a charge for 2nd degree lynching. I was charged with it for breaking up a fight. I broke it up by grabbing a fighter. In this state, that is a guilty verdict.

By grabbing the person, i took away their ability to defend themselves. Being able to use the internet, i found out that i was probably going to prison. Here, the right thing can cost you your freedom. Lucky for me, the person decided it was not fair to do me like that, and had the charges dropped. Lucky for S.C., the laws are being abused, like giving a guy 20 years for a simple bar fight, and are being changed.

Here is a little advice; Make prospects serve the entire time. Feel people out. Learn everything about a person that might represent your club. Follow the bi-laws. Smart people wrote those. They are how a club survives. They are how a club gets a nationwide club. Numbers are hard to get, but never lower their standards. The people above, they murdered a guy for tattoos. Would it not be smarter to try to get him to prospect? Then, if you didnt earn it, dont wear it. Thanks for reading! I hope you enjoyed your time here!


Prosecutor: Members of motorcycle clubs accused of killing non-member wearing insignias (

South Carolina takes aim at lynching law because it hurt blacks –


Yep, I’m a sucker. I see a steal of a deal, and go for it. Lucky for me, others in our area got hit first. Well, almost. She claims Anderson S.C.

This is her story. It isnt uncommon to find this story to be true. I have seen $500 Sportsters, and then asked about them. Normally they are already gone.

I didn’t have the money. So, I mentioned the stupid sweet deal to a friend.  They had already had experience with the scammer, the day before.

I show another friend, and they call her out on a truck! Be careful out there! Scammers are everywhere!

She says it was her husband,  but claims a dealership that does not exist. Another for the books. Then all this crazy crap. Who would believe her?

That is entirely unbelievable! What a hussle. Who would buy a bike that couldn’t come see?

How to Wrap Pipes and Some Nice Wrap Jobs!

How about a quick how to? Here you will find how to wrap pipes, the pros, and the cons.

Use dishwashing gloves. That shit will itch you to death. It is a very fine fiberglass. 

Then, wrap it from the bottom to the top. This will make it lap like a roof, top over bottom, and water won’t get in. Your pipes won’t rust.

If you dont use the silcone, you screwed up. Your wraps will fall apart,  and discolor from the sun and water, very fast.

USE THE SPRAY SILICONE! REAPPLY IT EVERY NOW AND THEN! IT WILL MAKE THE FIBERGLASS LAST LONGER! The wraps above, they were black. Without the spray, this will happen,  fast.

SPRAY SILICONE ON THE WRAPS! HEAT THE PIPES UP, SPRAY IT AGSIN. SILCONE WILL SOAK INTO THE LAPS THIS WAS, SEALING THEM UP. SPRAY IT AGAIN. This is a pretty big Pro for wrapping your pipes. It helps keep your pipes less rusty.  

Pros, less rust.
Cons, it will rot. It will get on your leg, and it will itch. Thanks for reading!

A trick… unroll a roll of black. Lay it in the sun for a couple weeks. It will evenly turn a lighter shade of black. Use it and a new roll of black. Now, wrap which ever color you want

2021 Blessing of the Bikers, Greenwood S.C.!

Every year, around mid March, Hobby Lobby parking lot, in Greenwood S.C., comes alive! Hundreds upon Hundreds of bikers come pouring in! Most everyone that is a biker, is at this event!

This year, 440 of us showed up for the event! If you have never been to one, you should go! Your religious preference shouldn’t matter! Go to see the bikes! If you didn’t make it out, well,  that’s what I’m for!

Look at that sled! You will find bikes of all kinds! Mostly… Not too many of the bobbers or Cafe racers running around.

I call this one, Black Tar Heroin! Why? Because ones you get on here, you a done. You wont ever be able to get off! Everything about this bike is right!

These bikes like this, they make me want to slap a big wheel on my bike! These guys have a lot of love for riding, and it really shows!

I have never riden one of these. I don’t have the money for it, and nobody is stupid enough to let me! This is probably the fastest bike at the event! A beautiful piece of machinery,  is what it is!

Look at the red! Big D, and the rest of the Black Cats MC, really do have some of the nicest bikes around! I’ll put a dollar on it, when they all meet up, there is over a quarter million dollars worth of bikes at their club house!

Come here! Let me rub on those sexy curves! Hey, look! This bike has such a great shine, you can see me in it!


Spider bike! This is impressive.  It is hard to keep a straight line straight. It is even harder to keep curved ones straight. These are excellent stripes. Hats off to the painter!

Look at this Indian! I don’t see many of these! They sure do make a beautiful ride! The front reminds me of chrome eagle, perched on a Native American head dress!

The rounding off of everything gives it that “throw back” look! Everything about this bike makes a person want to get on and go!

The shine, the speaker setup, the pattern on the seat, it all works together,  perfectly. Owanyang waste! That’s Lakota for looks good!

I’m blue! If I was green I would die! That’s not really the words to that song, but hey… This is one beautiful shade of blue! It is also another bike we dont get to see many of. Victory is a nice piece of steel to cruise around on!

Small, fast, easy to lean! I love the smaller bikes, like a Sportster.  You got to have those bags to travel, but around town, I’ll scrape a knee on one of these! The yellow one is nice, too!

Nice ass! It looks like they got their favorite tattoo artist to throw some Asian traditional on here! It’s great work!

Another nice little Sportster! These things, I’m going to have one! Run it up to an 1100, and be gone! I have been studying up in my burnt out and drifting, just for one of these!

That is a whole lot of engine, on little bit of a cruiser! That’s what I’m talking about! You cruise, then handle it curves like a street fighter! This is also as close as our collection gets to a cafe racer.

BIG! BIG! BIG! WHEEL! I really do like the looks of these style of bikes! The fenders remind me of classic lowriders of the 90s, and the wheel the styles of today!

Those blue highlights makes this bike! Just a little more blue, to bring it all together,  and I’m sold! This is a very nice ride!

One of my favorite kinds! I love a Honda Shadow! Parts are too easy! If you see a Shadow with a bent frame, almost any other Shadow can be used to replace it! This bikes do what the HD Nova project of 1978, would have done for all Harley bikes. Them are also some sweet shotgun pipes!

BACK YARD BUILT! These are my people! They take what they have, and make something nice! What sanded spots? I only see the sky, with a touch of clouds, on a beautiful day!

She is mean!!! Check out that tank! It is hard to find custom builds, these days. Not everyone has the money to do them, or the time to build it for themselves! This lady, she put her heart, and money, into this one! It is one of my favorite ones at the event!

One of the other few Indians at the event! This thing is tough! The seat, the bags, the tassels, pays respect to those Native American styles and traditions! Nice ride!

A hardtail! I believe that only two hardtails were at this event. To be completely honest, I have no clue what kind of bike this is. If yall know, let me know!

A black beauty! That air intake cover makes the whole bike! Just a little chrome, right where it needs to be! Those pipes are awesome,  too.

That classic look! I love it! I love the studs, the straight line, everything about it! This is a very nice machine! The other bike in this picture,  I wish I could have go pictures of it! It was just as nice!

Look at those badass tips on this bike, and the next one down! It doesn’t take much to set you bike apart from the rest! Little flames, and some tips, does it!

This is Honda’s Cadillac of trikes! She is a beast! Anyone else see the, and the spiders, and want to see what kind of doughnuts they will do? All that power… I bet you can get the front tire to sit still and whip her in circles!

Doughnuts for days! I’ll feed a precinct on one of these! Or get thrown off, whichever…

An artist has had is brush on this one! Line work is not easy. Pearl, marble, metal flake, is all easy. This is not.

It is a little big beast! I hope they zipped up that bag! Everything is going everywhere if he didn’t!

This is one of my favorite bikes at the event. The color set up is perfect. The chrome bolts add just enough!

This is my favorite bagger at this event. It is the paint! It doesn’t take much, as I said. You dont have to do huge, elaborate, paint jobs. Paint a few pieces, and boom! Perfection. 

See… A little sanding, some stencil/tape work, some clear coat, and you are customized. This is the Assassin’s Creed A. I wonder if he knows he has video game imagery on his bike? I freaking love it.

I took this picture to show that it doesn’t matter what bike you ride, around here. We are all biker brother and sisters! You want to ride? Let’s go! And it is a picture of two badass rides!

Another Victory! These remind me of a Sportster,  or Rebel. A small bike eith some serious punch, and handling.

Luxury.  Comfort. Style. Speed. I mean, come on! What else could you ask out of a bike?

The Honda Valkyries! You don’t see many of these speed demons! This basically a Shadow frame with a Goldwing engine! Awesomeness,  from Honda!

Boy now this is a nice piece of equipment! The accents on the rims, im a huge fan of! Nice hips too…

Don’t tread on him! This is basically the only dipped bike at the entire event! Did looks good if you do it right! They got it right.

All that beautiful chrome! The air cover, it is awesome, but I couldn’t get a good picture! That’s it folks! That’s all we got!

I want to take a minute and thank some folks! First, my Melissa! Without her, none of this would be possible! She is the anchor on my chian!

I would also like to thank Jafa! He allows me to ride the bike behind Melissa, and come to these events, while I’m building my bike!

I would also like to thank the rest of my Dysfunctional Mother F*cking Family! Chase, David, Desiree, Dru, Holden, Justin, Steve,  and all the rest! Without your support over my lifetime,  I would not be here! Thanks for being there! Thanks for being family!

That’s all! I hope you enjoyed the article! I look forward to seeing you all at the next event! Show some support,  swing by my sticker store!

The Hardtail Bobber Build Cost, and Part List.

How is it going? It has been a minute since we had a new article! Today, I decided to show yall everything I have bought for this build.

First, let’s start with today. These are Punisher Pipes from Motor Psychol J.  I can’t tell you anything but that they look awesome and are only $305, with shipping.  I’m very proud to have these on the way, since Motor Psychol J has gotten me most of my readers! Everyday, people visit my site to see his pipes.

Next up, the hardtail kit. I decided to go with this one because I’m not doing the bottom rails. This kit sends enough to do two top bars, on any bike. The price is a steal.

Carbs. If you change those pipes or the intake, you need new jets. For myself, stage 7 racing jets is what I went with.

They will get every miles per hour of speed out of this bike.

Then, a new tank. The original would have been fine, but I trusted someone. Never do that. This costed me two gas tanks. My Honda and Suzuki tank. I cleaned out the rust, they were supposed to coat the tanks. They didn’t. They rusted out.

Got to get those colors. My choice was pearl Lazer blue, over jet black. I used about 2 quarts of black. They ran around $50.

New foot pegs. The old ones were beat up. Replacing them was the only choice. So, I went with labeled ones. I wanted people to still see this is a Honda.

Ape Hangers are going on the bike. They were $100 from a friend. With the taller bars, comes longer cables. And of course, a new battery.

A new fender for the back. keep your balls, put a back fender on your bike. Then, a sissy bar. It looks badass, and gives me something to attach my tent to.

Wanting to do away with a lot of junk on the bars, I picked up a set of these. These came from India, but got here in less than a week. What I done to get them so quick, sent the seller a message. After a few days, they had done nothing with my order. I asked if I should request a refund, they shipped right then.

Who knew Van’s made motorcycle grips? I didn’t,  but these are one of my favorite new parts. I was a punk/skater, and enjoyed Van’s. For Me, they remind me of back then. I hope they don’t make my hand stink, like the shoes did my feet!

Intake. Let’s be clear, A BOBBER REALLY DOESNT HAVE AIR BOXES. I went with these, but might still get the volciety stacks. I’m hearing J has them now. So, I’ll probably pick up a set.

Of course, the bike. A crossbow, and a few hundred bucks. Really, about $1000. I bought the bike, risers for the bars, the bars, and extra parts. For all that I got, it was a good deal. Not to mention it ran and rode.

Labor cost me nothing. This bike is built, not bought. It really is a dream come true. Not to have it, all of it. As a kid, I built my own bikes. The entire time, dreaming I was build me a motorcycle. 

What? No picture of the bike? Nope. Not till it is all together,  running, and burning tires.  Thanks for reading! Stay upright, if not MAY THE VALKYRIES COME FORTH TO TAKE YOU HOME!

Well now, could this be the new DUI ride?

I dont care what it is, ill ride it! This thing hits 20mph! This is the Super Ride 1000, 1000W eletric unicycle! The future is awesome!

Why the new DUI ride? It is simple. There is no laws on this thing! No insurance, no tag! Being street legal, that’s another question.  It has lights, is built to be safe, so I don’t see why anyone would stop you. Mopeds were the DUI ride, but the police finally stopped that.

A unicycle! Nobody can really ride a unicycle! Not true! Look at the size of the tire! This thing is wide! The Super Ride isn’t a unicycle with a bike tire! This isn’t that stand on electric unicycle,  that looks cool, but looks hard to ride. Jump on and go!

Look at the build on the frame. This thing is strong. 280lbs! A nobby tire, my hunting stand, my crossbow, and myself, and I’m silently headed to my hunting grounds! If you can walk it, it looks like it will go! I see a lot of use for this.

Events where officers have to walk everywhere,  this would be perfect to keep them rested to do their job. 280lbs limits would allow for a lot of gear! By the time everyone has had too many beers, he is not warn out from walking. This would be great to police the man drags in a lot of Beach towns! Then it is electronic! He is very very sneaky!

Postal workers! Man, put a hitch on it, hook the cart to the back, and head off! The $1699 price tag would be justified in just a little while of saved paid hours! Also,  less knee surgery…

This is an awesome little ride! A toy or tool, and efficient with a 45 minute charge time! That will get you 15 miles! That’s to the store and back, easy! Class, mom’s, where ever! Yes, even the bar…

What a cool machine! You can get your’s from X-Offroad! They offer free delivery, and an after purchase discount for reviews! That’s all I got! I hope yall enjoyed this!

The Indian Motorcycle Manufacturing Co.

Over on Facebook, I take request for articles, stories, and such. The challenge is enjoyable, and the knowledge is priceless. The question was from Greg Henderson. He would like to know how the company, and bike got the names.

Challenge accepted! Here you will find the answer to Greg’s questions, and more. This is basically a complete histroy of Indian, up to today.

Thanks for the request, Greg! This gives me a big opportunity to cancel some myths, and tell some histroy. There is a lot of confusion in the American motorcycle histroy. This will answer your questions, and shed some light on some facts.

First, the name. By today’s standards, we’ll some people of today’s standards, it should be deemed as racist. That is wrong. Indian motorcycles took the name Indian after the American Native, at the time, known as the American Indian. This was the only name for the entire first people of America.

Beings the Native were first, and Indian was America’s first motorcycle company, they honored them with the names. The Scout was the biggest and baddest of the 1920s, and made up a lot of the Pacer and Cafe racer scene. So, it was a fitting name. I scout hunted down their pray, and so would this bike.

A lot of people think Harley was America’s first motorcycle company, this is not true. Indiand was built in 1897 by a man named George Hendree loved to race. He met a racer who had built his own pacer. Hendree would take the racer, and bike, back to Hendree Bicycle company, and Indian would be born. By 1901 the Indian Motorcycle would be in production. It would be another 3 years before the first Harley Davidson rolled off the line.

Hendree loved to race, and would build his bikes to be the best. By 1911, just ten years after opening his doors, he had become the top of the Isle of Man TT Races. He would have three top finishers, and win the race.

We’re people really small enough for that little bike to carry three of them? By 1912 Indian had became America’s first motorcycle sold around the world. They would continue to be “America’s ” motorcycle until July 11, 1914.

Indian Motorcycle Manufacturing Co. Would join the war efforts, along with Harley Davidson, and many other Americans motorcycle manufacturers. This is not to say that Indian was the first War Bike.

Harley Davidson invented the first Murdercycle. The United States Military would use it in 1916. They would force Panco Villa back into Mexico with it. Harley was the first American military motorcycle.

1916 would also bring a great change to the Indian Motorcycle Manufacturing Co. I like to think he was a racer, and a biker. He knew the freedom we feel, hell, he made it American, and could not watch his company go to war. Racing and riding isn’t about these thing. So, in 1916, after carrying his company to the top, George Hendree retired.

Indian Motorcycles would enter into WW1 ready for war. They would fight in Europe. Because they were shaft driven, unlike Harley, they would fight in the Desert Theaters of World War 1.

Another advantage over the Harley was the foot shifter. The Harley of the time had a handshift. Freeing up hands in war is a smart thing.

Government money is good money, but never forget where you came from. Indian Motorcycles would do just that. As Hendree left, they turned all their attention to the war efforts. They would build the bikes, and start schools to train soldiers to repair them.

Harley Davidson would also join the war efforts, but eould not forget where they came from. Unlike Indian, they would continue to focus on customer sells, and products for the public. Unfortunately for Indian, the war would only last 4 years.

After the war, Indian would find it hard to get back the dealers, after they left them out to dry. They would get some back with the Scout, but not many. Harley had picked up a lot of them, and took care of them during the war. Harley Davidson had started to become the American Peoples’ Motorcycle.

Lucky for Indian, one of the best motorcycle riders of the time, to hear Hollywood tell it, road their motorcycle. In 1927, Steve McQueen would ride Indian back into American hearts and minds. He would continue for some time.

In the 30s, Indian started designing for style and comfort. They designed a lot of the looks and styles people remodel bikes to, today. This is a bobber, by today’s definition. I am personally finishing up a bike in this style. The styles of these bikes are why we are talking about them, now. Then old Indians have the looks…

Throughout the 1930s, Indian would regain their popularity with the American people, and knock a decent dent in Harley. But, as you know, in 1942, we went back to war.

Indian would go on to repeat the same mistake. They would quickly retool their factory for their new Murdercycle. They would call it the Indian 841. This bike eould basically be the end of Indian Motorcycles Manufacturing Co. At least the first nail.

Let me introduce to you, the 1940 Harley Davidson Model UL Murdercycle! Hatley learned a lot during WW1. Things like there were two markets for motorcycles. One civilian, one government. Indian retooled the same factories. Another nail.

Basically all Indian could put out was a badass bobber, painted green. Harley, on the other hand, they were in the business of war machines, and had been for most of the companies life. Indian’s was not able to compete. Nail…

On September 2nd, 1945, after the napalm was lit, and the atomic bombs were dropped, the war ended. The bombs America dropped, they were not only overseas. As the war ended, Indian would count their losses.

During the war, Harley Davidson sold 88,000 motorcycles to the war effort, making millions. Indian had no chance. They had shaft driven bikes, that is all. The machine gun side car won the war, for Harley.

Indian, being a shaft driven bike, still had a place in the war. Unfortunately it was a very small place. They only sold 1000 motorcycles. Harley was officially the American Military motorcycle.

Indian would fight hard over the next few years. Their late 1940s product line would include some of the most beautiful bikes ever made. They would even go back to their roots, and try to get into racing.

Still, after the war profit and losses, Indian stood no chance. Harley was able to keep their dealerships during World War 2. Indian failed at this, by chasing government contracts. Nails…

By the 1950s Indian was struggling to make it. They were redesigning everything they could. This made a lot of the 50s models unwanted. Those nails…

That’s a beautiful bike, but that seat? Indian was losing their touch, races, and customers. Sales slumped. People wanted Harley. It had nothing to do with performance, or looks.

Do you know what happens to military surplus when it no longer has a use? It is sold to Hollywood. This mass influx of Harley Davidson motorcycles caused the mass influx of biker movies. Indian lost McQueen to Harley back in the late 30s. They had no place anymore. Yes, I know the picture is from 1963, but it shows my point. The final nails…

In 1953, Indian would take their last swing at a motorcycle for the American people. Unfortunately, their chosen path would not allow the to make it. They failed at keeping up with the people. They failed at engineering for the military. 1953 would be the final nail. Indian would close their doors, ending the first American motorcycle company.

They would go bankrupt. Those nails, it wasn’t a coffin that we built. We built a resting place, a place for Indian to hibernate. For almost 60 years, Indian would sleep. Waiting for someone to come and wake her up. Some tried, but they all failed.

As AMF did for Harley Davidson back in 1969, and Hero Motorcycles is doing for Harley in India, someone stepped up to carry Indian into the future.

In 2011, Polaris closed their own motorcycle line, Victory Motorcycles. They would bring back the American classic, Indian Motorcycles. If Indian is lucky, one day they might, once again, stand as their own American company. AMF worked for Harley. Maybe Polaris will work for Indian.

That’s all I got for today! Thanks, Greg, for the idea, and thank you all for reading!

Introducing our First Leather Gear!

And ladies,  as always, you are first. Please let me show you our new pony tail holders! They are all handmade by Kris Kay!

Now that is biker lady style! See, Kris was raised by his mother and sister. He was taught crafts, make up, and even how to do hair! He finds himself paying attention to the fashion that he is around.

Look at that, he made it so you could wear it two ways! That’s good designing! After setting off on ride after ride, Kris started noticing pony tail wraps, and other products.

He seen this as a leather tube sock, stuck in a lady’s hair. He did not find this appealing.  So, Kris started thinking. How could he change the cocksock looking wrap?

Kris has always been into fashion. As a teen, he would work all week, delivering pizza, and would spend it all on one pair of pants! He has always cared about how he looks, and even those that he dates, even going as far as to shop for her clothing.

Kids these days… Their nose rings. Their crazy colored hair. What are they thinking? Whatever it is, Kris was thinking it 20 years before them.

20 years is a long time. Kris found himself on many adventures in life. Music played a large part. Concerts were something he loved. It didn’t matter if it was Luke Bryan, or Mushroom Head, he noticed that leather crosses all lines.

Then, he seen this vacuum house end that someone stuck in this pour lady’s hair! You can tell man designed this horrid article of clothing. Kris thought about his life. He thought about he how he designed clothing for men, has artist making leather products being designed for men, but had nothing to offer the ladies.

Seeing the terrible attempts at styles, and the rubber band, pony tail holder, he decided he would sit down and desisomwthing nice enough for a lady to feel pretty wearing.

After a few tries, and asking around, Kris found a style and design ladies enjoy! So now A Biker’s Life For Me has its first installment into our leather line! Not all of them will be this way! We have three other designs, waiting to be finished up! We will be offering pink stones, rose buttons, and other great designs!

Thanks for reading! I hope you are looking forward to seeing what we all have to offer! Stay safe, and have a blast!

Bagger and Big Wheel Baggers!

These baggers, I like them. They remind me of Roman chariots, for kings. These are the top of custom bikes, in my opinion. They guy that built it, I give him mad respect.

These big wheels take a lot more to build than one of my bobbers. My bobbers, I can make a mistake, and leave it as character. You make a mistake on these big wheels, you better fix it. This is not bobber money!

Myself, I say I build bobbers. I have not had the chance to move on. Of course, I have put some bikes back to factory, but that doesn’t count as a build.

Check . You will find a whole page for a bagger build. There is one coming up, and I’ll be part of the build. We will be moving up!

If you dont like, or build baggers you shouldn’t really be saying you build bikes. Baggers are the top. Every club almost requires them. You wont find many clubs allowing a bobber, Cafe racer, or anything else, in. If you want to make a living, you better be in with the clubs.

Real quick, thank you guys for stopping by here. Truthfully, support is had to get. A Biker’s Life For Me is growing everyday. Yall try not to forget that only one person is doing this. Help was not possible to find.

If you can, stop by the sticker gallery and pick up a sticker. They are just $8. Every little bit of support helps. I’m trying to upgrade my site to have a serious store, to sell bikes. It isnt free. Selling stickers is going to get me there! Thanks for reading!