The Red.

The Red.  By Yak.  In Loving Memory of Kindness.  Prologue.  The mud sucks at his boots as lighting runs across the humid Georgia sky. We  The rain soaks his cloths, washing the blood into the swamp. He wheezes for breath. The thought of blood filling his lungs from his previous gun shot, haunts his mind. He thinks of his … Continue reading The Red.

Harley Davidson LiveWire is the future, Like it or not!

Electricity is the future. It’s been that way since Nicola Tesla. It is just human kind evolving the world around them. Barely Davidson, this week, has helped to prove this. The LiveWire, which most of us thought would flop, has boomed! A week ago Harley announced they would be shutting down and fuel powered production … Continue reading Harley Davidson LiveWire is the future, Like it or not!

The Honda Davidson.

A guy had jokes. That’s cool. People are into different things. If you ride/build Hondas, you are going to get that. The funny part, it normally comes from those that don’t have a bike, and probably doesn’t know how to ride one. Really, because of this site, I have no reason to have a Harley. … Continue reading The Honda Davidson.

Destination Barnyard!

Barnyard! We find ourselves here a good bit! To be completely honest, if it is a swap meet, jockey lot, flea market, or auction, im happy to be there! Over in Greer South Carolina sit rolls and rolls of metal buildings. They are filled from everything from cockrings, to a mechanical Jesus, that sings. It’s … Continue reading Destination Barnyard!

Zeitz’s new plan!

During October of 2020, a lot of things happened at the quarter’s HOG earning report meeting. Zeitz drove in some coffin nails on large chunks of Harley Davidson. He turned their focus to the network of owners, who want profits. Really, this could go either way. Riders in America, you are getting the focus of … Continue reading Zeitz’s new plan!


That looks more serious than what it is. Hello, I am Kris Kay. I am a writer. My main topic is motorcycles. As my blog’s name says, it is a Biker’s life for me. A little help is needed. The groups that I post in, you all support my writing. I more than appreciate that! … Continue reading Help!

The Great Escape, it is, but isn’t, a biker movie…

The Great Escape insprided many generations of riders, but is really a war movie. The reason it is seen as a motorcycle movie, by some, is the stunt. This movie contains, “the greatest motorcycle stunt of all time”. This stunt is a stunt man jumps his motorcycle over a barbed wire fence. Here is some … Continue reading The Great Escape, it is, but isn’t, a biker movie…