Why did Harley STOP Producing for Two Weeks?

Harley Davidson has stopped all production, and shipment of all new gas powered motorcycles for two weeks! What happened? Why? What has HD done now?

Look, it doesn’t matter if you like it or not. If you are an American, Harley Davidson is YOUR motorcycle. I know, price, speed, all the complaints we have when we don’t own an HD.

Indian Motorcycles was America’s Motorcycle up until WW2. They forgot to focus on the people. Indian would lose the military contract to Harley Davidson. Harley had a better bike.

Harley had a War Machine. They would go on to help America win WW2. Harley Davidson has earned her Purple Heart. As an American, you should show that some respect. They were rebuilding themselves after war, and getting ready to go to the Korean War, as Indian was giving up.

When you write about these things, you get that a lot. Here is a question for those people. Can you show me one? I know you are going to scream, “HONDA”!

Honda is not a motorcycle company. Honda doesn’t bother to even put it near the top of their list of products. Honda produces automobiles and power equipment, above all else. Honda produces 1,000,000 cars, and 1,000,000 pieces of power equipment, per year. They produce 92,000 motorcycles. Scream “INDIAN!”.

Indian is owned by Polaris. Polaris is an off-road vehicle company. 2021, 63% of their sales came from off-road vehicles, and snowmobiles. Motorcycles, 9%. Do you see where this is going?

There are only a couple real motorcycle companies out there. We can talk about Hero. That leads us to how they cash in on the Harley name, in all overseas markets. All these companies, Hero has mopeds, are backed by other markets. Harley has motorcycles , and that’s all. They don’t have a Civic to carry them. If they did, HD would be as cheap as all the rest. But… Let’s get back on topic.

Sometimes you need to get things out of the way, thanks for taking time for that. NOW! What happened at HD for them to stop everything for two weeks? They got screwed! Someone sold them an inferior product!

A third party supplier basically told HD, “Hey, we went you over and put one in ya! Those parts we sold ya, they are trash! They are not compliant with regulations!”

After being told they had bought a big bag of flour, Harley Davidson stopped all production. This cost them two weeks of production, and going back over all the motorcycles that were going to ship.

This is what the beginning of a recall looks like. There is no telling how long HD has been buying this junk, but it could be years!

That’s it! Thanks for reading! I hope you enjoyed the journey! Oh, and real quick, before y’all start with that Metric hater crap, the author of this owns nothing but Hondas. You might also want to look around this website… It’s mostly metric. See yah next time!


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