Family, Kill for it, die for it, live for it.

In loving memory of the family secrets.

They sat in one of the largest homes at the park in Anderson. An old man drank a beer, as his “boys” sat around the room. In the corner sat a grand piano, and the finest home decor of the early 80s decorated the home. Outside sat a brand new 1976 Corvette Stingray. The best cars, the biggest house, and it was all from being one of the largest criminal organizations on the East Coast.

They had their hands in it all. Everything. These were the masters of three states, thugs, murderers, and criminals. The craziest part, they never got caught.

“They killed our family”, Ellen sucks back a tear.

The boys in the room become uncomfortable, watching her start to cry. She was their leader. Her and the old man had taken over Anderson. From running the neighborhood watch, crime stoppers, and the sheriff was firmly loyal.

She stutters, “We are the Kays. We run everything from North Carolina to Georgia. No one can touch us. Yet, one of us is dead. We wont…” She begins to cry.

“Momma! We…”, one of the boys speaks up.

“Sit down and be quite, Leo”, the old man speaks up. “You boys will get your guns. You will load up. You will go to Georgia and handle this”.

Ellen adds, “All you have to do is pay his bond, dont worry about signing your name. I have handle that for you. I own the Sheriff there. He owes me. Pick him up, take him to the deepest, darkest water, shoot him in his face. Let him see death coming for him. Put him in the water, and come home. Do this for your family”.

“You are my boys, my sons, they have killed one of your brothers, one of my sons. Go make it right”. The tears reflect in the old man’s eyes.

“Yes sir, Daddy. Nigger, get up take the van, and take them all to get their guns. I will meet you at the swamp on 276. We are going tonight. This will be done by in the morning,” Leo stands up and leads them to the door, “Mamma, he will die slow, and will be shot by us all. The Georgia Families will know that these three rings, these three states, belongs to us. They pay tonight”.

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