Trolls Say What? I Love Trolls and Haters!

Trolls, you got to deal with them, ignore them, whatever you can to get the answers you need. I get tired of trolls. I pay attention to every single one. I click every name. I do it to see if they are even close to my level. My level is a guy that is taking the time to learn, and has a had few great successes on the way. I am no super builder, or any of that. Still, some of these fools are not on my level.

All I done was ask a simple question. It is a good question. You have to take in account that i have rebuilt the back of the frame. Hell, i have complete rebuilt this entire bike, over and over. I want it to be as close to perfect as i can get it. Every once in a while, i have to ask questions. They are always reasonable questions. I am not going to ask what oil to use.

These questions always bring out the trolls. They jump right on, thinking they can be like Brandon Littledick, and nobody will ever be able to say anything to them. If you call them a waste of time and space, just plain stupid, they report you, and you get the boot from Facebook. Let’s see what Littleun has to offer…

Nothing. Nobody wants the bikes he ruined. Too much work for his welder, so he tried to get rid of them… Useless, as most people who think a smartass answer is funny, are. There is a rapper, his name is Tom McDonald. He has a song called “No Response”. He gave me an idea.

He looks up how much other rappers are worth, if they talk shit about him. If they are worth less than him, he doesnt respond. That is great advice! Because, like this guy….

Some people are not worth your time! They bring nothing but bullshit. So, like Tom, i do not respond to them. They are talk, i build. I help when i have time. Tom has another song, it just came out.

I dont look down is the name of it. I dont respond or look down at these fools. Being over the top is nice. I get a lot of things, go a lot of places, meet a lot of badass people. Over the top of fools like this…

This guy has a build! I aint even going to talk shit about it. That is a nice helmet, for a hipster. These trolls, they struggle to understand some things. If that guy would have told me how he hooked that fender up, i would have written this entire article about that B.M.W. . I have not written about one of those, and would have.

What, dumbass? What the hell are you trying to say? This aint even funny. I mean damn…

That is his mean face! I cant stop laughing. This dude is trying to give advice. He aint even got a picture of a bike, to show he knows at least a little! They must think this gives them clout. They walking around like they tough….

And got snatched up… Nobody really likes a troll! Then, you got to be careful who you troll. Some of us have websites, and shit! We will put you out there! And i have been a troll king since the 90s! I troll back, BITCHES!

See the source image

Thanks for reading! I was bored, and thought i would crush some trolls!


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