Yep, I’m a sucker. I see a steal of a deal, and go for it. Lucky for me, others in our area got hit first. Well, almost. She claims Anderson S.C.

This is her story. It isnt uncommon to find this story to be true. I have seen $500 Sportsters, and then asked about them. Normally they are already gone.

I didn’t have the money. So, I mentioned the stupid sweet deal to a friend.  They had already had experience with the scammer, the day before.

I show another friend, and they call her out on a truck! Be careful out there! Scammers are everywhere!

She says it was her husband,  but claims a dealership that does not exist. Another for the books. Then all this crazy crap. Who would believe her?

That is entirely unbelievable! What a hussle. Who would buy a bike that couldn’t come see?



  1. She’s still at it. I used to fo fraud investigations. The entire shipping thing is crap. Trying to sell a Rav4 car on Facebook!! A year after your post. I found yours by searching scam and her name. Yours is nit tge only one. I always report postings to fb ir craigslist but now that I have her email address I can extract her computer IP address and see her cuty and country and will turn her over to the FBI. Lol people akways think if you are on fb or craifskist yiu never has a career ubcedtifating fraud on FBI cases Homeland Sexueity and Secret Service. I used it on data sights too! Lol then I know uf I’m really talking to a 19 year old Nigerian scamnar instead of the 50 tear old white model photo the stole. Criminals are alwats stupid and akwats leave a trail. Oddly I’ve seen these ebay thing before but didn’t pay attention. But now it seems to be the new scam


  2. She is selling a short Airstream Ocean on Facebook Market place for $1200, so I guess whoever it is, they are still at it.


  3. I don’t know if anyone will see this, but this “person”, who I’m sure isn’t Sarah tried this with a camper twice with me yesterday and I looked around and found another camper. 3 different listings, 3 different names, 3 different cities, but all three women lost their husband to a heart attack. How sad!


  4. many thanks for your post,,,,i cant imagine anyone sending money before they see the item in person,,,,and it should be prosecuted,,,or at least cut from the computer mails,,,,its wasting our time


  5. Sarah Hamilton is alive and well today in the indianapolis Facebook marketplace. With the same exact text.
    Here it is:
    On Jul 9, 2022, at 6:38 PM, Sarah Hamilton wrote:

    Hi, the 2011 Honda Accord Crosstour EX-L it’s still available. It’s in a great condition, no scratches, no damages, never been involved in any kind of accidents, (great on gas), Engine 3,5 V6 Automatic Transmission & Only 97,500 miles. ABSOLUTELY NO ISSUES at all and I have the clean title in hand. I’m selling it at this final price of $1,200 because my husband passed away 2 months ago (he had a heart attack) and brings me bad memories and that’s the reason I want to sell it asap. I also got a new job, moved back to my hometown, and many other things have priority now, so, this car has to go. If you are interested in buying, feel free to email me.

    May her husband Rest In Peace.
    Thanks for the alert.


  6. My daughter-in -law is named Sarah Hamilton. This is NOT my sweet, honest Sarah Hamilton !!!


  7. Awesome thank you for this post – she is still at it and now hawking a motorhome. 2002 Born Free Motorcoach 24 RB saying her husband had a heart attack!
    Posted on facebook with
    Then emailed me directly.
    Sarah Hamilton

    Sarah Hamilton

    Hi again,
    Thank you for your reply. As I explained in my previous email I was accepted for a new job and I moved to my hometown Minneapolis, Minnesota. I am a regular eBay user and for this sale I decided to use their services. They won’t give me any money until you receive and test the RV for 5 days. The RV is at the shipping company, ready to be delivered. We also benefit from free shipping, it will be delivered to your address within 3 days and you have a 5 days inspection period to test and inspect it. Please provide me your information (name, address and phone#) so I can register you as the buyer and after that eBay will send you an email with the terms and conditions, with no obligation on buying it and also they will confirm the fact that the transaction is conducted through them and I’m a legitimate seller. Waiting for your email with the requested details. Thank you


  8. Here’s another one that just attempted the same deal! These people are evil.

    Elizabeth Carter

    Thank you for your interest, I’m the owner of the 1985 Ford Winnebago E350 21ft. One owner, 90.536 original !!! miles, 7.5 Liter V-8 Engine. This camper is in great shape. It has no damage, no scratches or dents, no hidden defects, one owner, 21 feet long, sleeping capacity 4. It is in immaculate condition, meticulously maintained and hasn’t been involved in any accident… The title is in my name and is clear. I am selling it at this final price of $800 because my husband died 3 month ago (he had a heart attack) and it brings back bad memories. I decided to sell the house and so I moved to Fort Belvoir, VA trying to start a new life. That’s the reason why I want to sell it asap and my last price is $800 including delivery to your home address. I want to use eBay services for the safety of both of us so if you’re interested in purchasing this camper, I can notify eBay that you are selected as my possible buyer and they will contact you to explain the entire procedure.

    I can ask eBay to send you the details on this deal. If you are interested, please email me with:

    – Full name.
    – Shipping address.
    – Phone number.

    You can see pictures of the camper here:

    Best regards!


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