2021 Blessing of the Bikers, Greenwood S.C.!

Every year, around mid March, Hobby Lobby parking lot, in Greenwood S.C., comes alive! Hundreds upon Hundreds of bikers come pouring in! Most everyone that is a biker, is at this event!

This year, 440 of us showed up for the event! If you have never been to one, you should go! Your religious preference shouldn’t matter! Go to see the bikes! If you didn’t make it out, well,  that’s what I’m for!

Look at that sled! You will find bikes of all kinds! Mostly… Not too many of the bobbers or Cafe racers running around.

I call this one, Black Tar Heroin! Why? Because ones you get on here, you a done. You wont ever be able to get off! Everything about this bike is right!

These bikes like this, they make me want to slap a big wheel on my bike! These guys have a lot of love for riding, and it really shows!

I have never riden one of these. I don’t have the money for it, and nobody is stupid enough to let me! This is probably the fastest bike at the event! A beautiful piece of machinery,  is what it is!

Look at the red! Big D, and the rest of the Black Cats MC, really do have some of the nicest bikes around! I’ll put a dollar on it, when they all meet up, there is over a quarter million dollars worth of bikes at their club house!

Come here! Let me rub on those sexy curves! Hey, look! This bike has such a great shine, you can see me in it!


Spider bike! This is impressive.  It is hard to keep a straight line straight. It is even harder to keep curved ones straight. These are excellent stripes. Hats off to the painter!

Look at this Indian! I don’t see many of these! They sure do make a beautiful ride! The front reminds me of chrome eagle, perched on a Native American head dress!

The rounding off of everything gives it that “throw back” look! Everything about this bike makes a person want to get on and go!

The shine, the speaker setup, the pattern on the seat, it all works together,  perfectly. Owanyang waste! That’s Lakota for looks good!

I’m blue! If I was green I would die! That’s not really the words to that song, but hey… This is one beautiful shade of blue! It is also another bike we dont get to see many of. Victory is a nice piece of steel to cruise around on!

Small, fast, easy to lean! I love the smaller bikes, like a Sportster.  You got to have those bags to travel, but around town, I’ll scrape a knee on one of these! The yellow one is nice, too!

Nice ass! It looks like they got their favorite tattoo artist to throw some Asian traditional on here! It’s great work!

Another nice little Sportster! These things, I’m going to have one! Run it up to an 1100, and be gone! I have been studying up in my burnt out and drifting, just for one of these!

That is a whole lot of engine, on little bit of a cruiser! That’s what I’m talking about! You cruise, then handle it curves like a street fighter! This is also as close as our collection gets to a cafe racer.

BIG! BIG! BIG! WHEEL! I really do like the looks of these style of bikes! The fenders remind me of classic lowriders of the 90s, and the wheel the styles of today!

Those blue highlights makes this bike! Just a little more blue, to bring it all together,  and I’m sold! This is a very nice ride!

One of my favorite kinds! I love a Honda Shadow! Parts are too easy! If you see a Shadow with a bent frame, almost any other Shadow can be used to replace it! This bikes do what the HD Nova project of 1978, would have done for all Harley bikes. Them are also some sweet shotgun pipes!

BACK YARD BUILT! These are my people! They take what they have, and make something nice! What sanded spots? I only see the sky, with a touch of clouds, on a beautiful day!

She is mean!!! Check out that tank! It is hard to find custom builds, these days. Not everyone has the money to do them, or the time to build it for themselves! This lady, she put her heart, and money, into this one! It is one of my favorite ones at the event!

One of the other few Indians at the event! This thing is tough! The seat, the bags, the tassels, pays respect to those Native American styles and traditions! Nice ride!

A hardtail! I believe that only two hardtails were at this event. To be completely honest, I have no clue what kind of bike this is. If yall know, let me know!

A black beauty! That air intake cover makes the whole bike! Just a little chrome, right where it needs to be! Those pipes are awesome,  too.

That classic look! I love it! I love the studs, the straight line, everything about it! This is a very nice machine! The other bike in this picture,  I wish I could have go pictures of it! It was just as nice!

Look at those badass tips on this bike, and the next one down! It doesn’t take much to set you bike apart from the rest! Little flames, and some tips, does it!

This is Honda’s Cadillac of trikes! She is a beast! Anyone else see the, and the spiders, and want to see what kind of doughnuts they will do? All that power… I bet you can get the front tire to sit still and whip her in circles!

Doughnuts for days! I’ll feed a precinct on one of these! Or get thrown off, whichever…

An artist has had is brush on this one! Line work is not easy. Pearl, marble, metal flake, is all easy. This is not.

It is a little big beast! I hope they zipped up that bag! Everything is going everywhere if he didn’t!

This is one of my favorite bikes at the event. The color set up is perfect. The chrome bolts add just enough!

This is my favorite bagger at this event. It is the paint! It doesn’t take much, as I said. You dont have to do huge, elaborate, paint jobs. Paint a few pieces, and boom! Perfection. 

See… A little sanding, some stencil/tape work, some clear coat, and you are customized. This is the Assassin’s Creed A. I wonder if he knows he has video game imagery on his bike? I freaking love it.

I took this picture to show that it doesn’t matter what bike you ride, around here. We are all biker brother and sisters! You want to ride? Let’s go! And it is a picture of two badass rides!

Another Victory! These remind me of a Sportster,  or Rebel. A small bike eith some serious punch, and handling.

Luxury.  Comfort. Style. Speed. I mean, come on! What else could you ask out of a bike?

The Honda Valkyries! You don’t see many of these speed demons! This basically a Shadow frame with a Goldwing engine! Awesomeness,  from Honda!

Boy now this is a nice piece of equipment! The accents on the rims, im a huge fan of! Nice hips too…

Don’t tread on him! This is basically the only dipped bike at the entire event! Did looks good if you do it right! They got it right.

All that beautiful chrome! The air cover, it is awesome, but I couldn’t get a good picture! That’s it folks! That’s all we got!

I want to take a minute and thank some folks! First, my Melissa! Without her, none of this would be possible! She is the anchor on my chian!

I would also like to thank Jafa! He allows me to ride the bike behind Melissa, and come to these events, while I’m building my bike!

I would also like to thank the rest of my Dysfunctional Mother F*cking Family! Chase, David, Desiree, Dru, Holden, Justin, Steve,  and all the rest! Without your support over my lifetime,  I would not be here! Thanks for being there! Thanks for being family!

That’s all! I hope you enjoyed the article! I look forward to seeing you all at the next event! Show some support,  swing by my sticker store!


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