How to Handle The POLICE.

I was watching this video… 0Hell no. This is why all bikers need a helmet cam! This is a lawsuit. The punk police done messed that bike up! I hope I run into one of these cops! Knock mine over, I’m getting a new shop! As stupid, under educated, no training having asses, around here, I probably will.

Then, when he said FUCKING BIKE, I would demand he was arrested for public disorderly conduct. That’s the most common law used to arrest someone, to be a bitch ass pig.

When they do this to you, and attempt an unlawful arrest, in South Carolina,  feel free to resist. Punch that cop in their mouth, and resist to be arrested. You can resist to the point of deadly force. But,  in most case, like Poinsett, 250 S.C. 293, 157 S.E.2d 570 (1967); State v. … 509, 5 S.E.2d 285 (1939), you go to prison for using deadly force. Most of the others end with a cop losing that job, and a serious lawsuit. Careful,  most cops are cowards, they are going to shoot you. So really,  maybe don’t try this one. You can though…

Hopefully,  none of us have to deal with that. As is an American,  it is your place to know all your rights, state and federal.  It is also your place to stand up for those rights.

Here are some tips. “Do you know why I pulled you over?” Do not answer that! You do not have to speak at all. This is your fifth amendment right.

This question is a trap. If you say yes, you admit guilt. If you say no, you do the same. You were not paying attention to the laws at hand, and are guilty.

Next up, searching your stuff. Say no, or nothing. It is a question,  again,  you do not have to answer. Don’t answer. You are still protected by the 5th Amendment. 

If they do it anyways, congratulations,  you got you a great lawsuit. Send some police to work at the meat packing plant! They need the help.

Also, you have to know the definition of a Terry frisk. They can pat you down. That is it, literally, all they can do.

THE POLICE CANNOT PUT THEIR HAND IN YOUR POCKET.  They whole “do you have anything in your pockets that might stick me?”, is a violation of your 4th amendment. 

THE POLICE CANNONT MANIPULATE YOUR CLOTHING IN ANYWAY! The can’t pull your shirt up, or pant legs. They can’t even remove your hat.

THE POLICE CANNOT SQUEEZE ANY PART OF YOUR BODY, OR CLOTHING. That squeeze of that pocket, take it to civil court. Sue them. It seems unworth it, and trivial, but you must stand up for even the smallest of rights.

The only way to properly “fight” the police,  is with you rights. ALWAYS INFORM THEM OF YOUR 1ST, 4TH, AND 5TH CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS. RECORD EVERY INTERACTION WITH THE POLICE. This will help you in court, criminal, and it will win the Civil.

Stay safe out there! After the first biker, the rest should have know better. Don’t ride a wheelie in front of the police! Thanks for reading.

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