The Hardtail Bobber Build Cost, and Part List.

How is it going? It has been a minute since we had a new article! Today, I decided to show yall everything I have bought for this build.

First, let’s start with today. These are Punisher Pipes from Motor Psychol J.  I can’t tell you anything but that they look awesome and are only $305, with shipping.  I’m very proud to have these on the way, since Motor Psychol J has gotten me most of my readers! Everyday, people visit my site to see his pipes.

Next up, the hardtail kit. I decided to go with this one because I’m not doing the bottom rails. This kit sends enough to do two top bars, on any bike. The price is a steal.

Carbs. If you change those pipes or the intake, you need new jets. For myself, stage 7 racing jets is what I went with.

They will get every miles per hour of speed out of this bike.

Then, a new tank. The original would have been fine, but I trusted someone. Never do that. This costed me two gas tanks. My Honda and Suzuki tank. I cleaned out the rust, they were supposed to coat the tanks. They didn’t. They rusted out.

Got to get those colors. My choice was pearl Lazer blue, over jet black. I used about 2 quarts of black. They ran around $50.

New foot pegs. The old ones were beat up. Replacing them was the only choice. So, I went with labeled ones. I wanted people to still see this is a Honda.

Ape Hangers are going on the bike. They were $100 from a friend. With the taller bars, comes longer cables. And of course, a new battery.

A new fender for the back. keep your balls, put a back fender on your bike. Then, a sissy bar. It looks badass, and gives me something to attach my tent to.

Wanting to do away with a lot of junk on the bars, I picked up a set of these. These came from India, but got here in less than a week. What I done to get them so quick, sent the seller a message. After a few days, they had done nothing with my order. I asked if I should request a refund, they shipped right then.

Who knew Van’s made motorcycle grips? I didn’t,  but these are one of my favorite new parts. I was a punk/skater, and enjoyed Van’s. For Me, they remind me of back then. I hope they don’t make my hand stink, like the shoes did my feet!

Intake. Let’s be clear, A BOBBER REALLY DOESNT HAVE AIR BOXES. I went with these, but might still get the volciety stacks. I’m hearing J has them now. So, I’ll probably pick up a set.

Of course, the bike. A crossbow, and a few hundred bucks. Really, about $1000. I bought the bike, risers for the bars, the bars, and extra parts. For all that I got, it was a good deal. Not to mention it ran and rode.

Labor cost me nothing. This bike is built, not bought. It really is a dream come true. Not to have it, all of it. As a kid, I built my own bikes. The entire time, dreaming I was build me a motorcycle. 

What? No picture of the bike? Nope. Not till it is all together,  running, and burning tires.  Thanks for reading! Stay upright, if not MAY THE VALKYRIES COME FORTH TO TAKE YOU HOME!


2 thoughts on “The Hardtail Bobber Build Cost, and Part List.

  1. I need the rear fender. I’m not seeing how to order . And I need any brackets or anything related in 1940s fashion. Any info would be great thanks. I’m just starting my 05 shadow Rat Rod . After not having bikes for 40 years


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