“I do not watch for motorcycles. I don’t care”.- Fatboy 93.3 The Planet. Rise Guy’s Morning Show!

It is that time of year, again! The haters come out, around the same time season riders’ motorcycles do. People are pretty open about how yhe feel about us. They don’t care if they kill us. Fatboy, from 93.3, takes every opportunity he gets to say he hates bikers, and we are in danger if we are on the road with him.

That fat bastard is a punk. Yall want to cancel someone, cancel this psycho. Don’t believe me, call them up. Get them to talking about bikers. Listen to him proudly say how he hates us. No big losses, they suck anyways.

Get ready for this dude! My street has one! He waits for it to get nice and thick. When it gets about 6 inches tall, he cuts from his house to the road, blowing it all in the road. He has about a 2 acre front yard!

What is the problem? Why not follow the rules? I set hooks for catfish. I can do it 24 hours a day, during the off season for swimmers. When swimmers come around, I have to remove my hooks. It’s OK. We own this world. Share. Play by the simple safety rules!

As for Jeremy’s fat ass, to hell with him, the rise guys, and 93.3! YouTube music is better. This guy, and Matt Man, are scum. They should not be on the radio, at all. Give 9 some real metal heads to talk to, not these jokes.

Yall be safe out there! The haters are in full swing! They are allowed to threaten you, and put you in real danger! They think it is funny to blow the grass in the road, and swerve at us. Hater, putting lives in danger! Thanks for reading!

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