It really is time to stop Dustin from scamming people. Since I wrote the first article, because he got me for $60, it has been constant. I get messages from every type of builder, not just motorcycle builders.

Either the article stopped them from sending money, or they find it too late. I have done my work, and tracked him down. Sending him to jail, wasn’t something I enjoy doing to people. It was $60. I’ll write an article for $60.

He got me 2 months ago. Every week I get another message, from another building brother, who was already struggling to get parts. Motorcycle guys, ATV, 4×4, trucks, lowriders. They come from the entire wrench turning family. All of us builders.

I have reported him, and so has everyone that I talk to about Lindsay. They do nothing. So, it is time we seek justice. If you have been scammed by this guy, contact me. Facebook,, anyway you can. We are set are going to show him the hard side of life.

Dustin, you know I tracked you down to your front door. I know who your whole family are. I know who your friends. You know, because I contacted them all. You got me, yeah, you did, but you can’t sleep because you think about me.

Dustin, I told you I was the wrong one. Then I showed you. You didn’t stop. The messages from you scamming people, or trying, roll in. Nah man, I’m done with it. All of us are done with you. We are putting you in prison. I told you, you got me, but I would get you. Gotcha, Bitch.


  1. He has multiple facebook accounts, all of the ones he used to access the VLX group are blocking me (admin, for “obvious” resons).


  2. Got me two days ago. 6-21-2021. Got me for $50. I knew better. Should’ve googled his name before I sent the money.


  3. He got me last year for 120 bucks
    Pretty sure his name is Dustin Nathaniel Lindsay. He lives in Waynesboro VA and his phone number is (540) 910-2290
    Any other info anyone has shoot me and email at


  4. Hey brother I owe you one big time! Dustin Lindsay almost got me for 400 bucks around 2-3am this morning. I was trying to buy some sportster heads. He messed up and made a mistake about the year model then he couldn’t show me a pic of the casting numbers I knew something was up. I typed his name in the Google search bar and that’s when I saw all of his scams. It was the site you set up. I took a bunch of screenshots then went and ask him about some other parts. When he said PayPal family and friends that’s when I blew him out of the water.
    I’m not sure if Dustin is his real name. I only posted my ad in three groups and Dustin isn’t in any of those groups. He may be another person that joins all these groups and then uses the Dustin profile to scam people. He had to see my ad in one of the 3 groups in order for him to know what I was looking for. He came to me in messenger saying he had the parts I was looking for.
    Thanks again brother keep up the good work and if you do ever find him save me a piece of his ass to kick around✌


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