Let’s talk about that Bucket List ride!

Let’s talk about that Bucket List ride! For me it is Miami at 3am, headed down the interstate on a Ninja. Just blasting… 150mph, 160mph, the speed tears begin to run down your face, 170, 180. The Ninja, she screams her cry of war.

Not this ninja…

190, the vibrations leave, the world tunnels. 200, the street lights become a solid beam. 210, silence, but the laughter of death in the wind. Everything is at peace.

Micro burst… 215… 220… You are at the limits… Nobody has went faster on a street bike tire… Life is a fleeting memory. Death is now chasing you, and losing the race. The lights of the cars look like tracers from Akira…

That is my Bucket List ride. What is your’s? Drop a comment! Thanks for reading! Give us a share!


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