New Motorcycle Accessories, and 3 Builds!

You read that right! We do have three builds coming up on ABLFM! For all three, you will get to read about, see, and ask questions, about the builds! But first…

Paul Jason Hall

Please allow me to introduce to you, Paul Jason Hall. Mr. Hall is an accomplished artist. We are talking about multiple types of art,, not just the tattoo machine in his hand. He is one of the highest ranked midevil armor makers in the United States.


As a boy, Mr. Hall spent his days in a small town, in upstate South Carolina. He would spend his days dreaming of great adventures on the seas, or ancient battle fields. I remember those days. If you were able to keep that boyhood imagination, you can do great things with it.

Look at the eyes…

Mr. Hall would spend days at a time, on the river, running the rocks, sword fighting his brother. We all remember these days. They were the best times of our lives. Our imaginations gave us the whole world.

Never tell a child to be realistic.

Mr. Hall would decide that he would be “realistic”, and get a “real” job, as our father’s say. Except, he done it his way. He would get a 5 year education, but not at a college.

This isnt costume armor.

He eould spend five years under one of the best midevil armor makers in the United States. He would learn the hammer and anvil. Mr.Hall would make the armors of his child hood dreams. Except it isnt costumes, his armors are real. They are battle ready!

Can we get helmet snaps on it?

Mr.Hall would become a true blacksmith, with his training. He would go on to make works of art, and usable armors. He would succeed at his dreams. Now, he is thinking about coming into the motorcycle accessories world.

I just want a wallet chain.

If Paul Jason Hall steps into this world, everything will change. There will be options besides that regular leather fork bag. They will be completely customizable. He will change everything, down to our wallets. There will be no more of the bags that never change.

You got to love leather!

The things we want, original bags, original wallets, original whips, original wallet chains, and original vest extenders, are coming. A Biker’s Life For Me is going to bring them.

What could he do to a fender? We are asking him to let us send him a stack!

Mr, Hall, if everything goes right, will have a page on our website by mid February, or early March. We are very excited for this opportunity, and look forward to what he brings to the motorcycle world!

Anyone want a chainmail hip bag? Wow!!!

We do have some other things on the list! We are doing a Harley Davidson, from soft tail, to bagger. We are doing a restore on an 86 Honda Shadow. Last, and hated by me, we are doing a 95 Suzuki Intruder bobber!

How many hours?

These three builds are going to be the full package! You are going to get videos, builder profiles, how tos, articles, and everything else! You might even get some live content! I’m also sure we will find some stuff to give away!

I can’t get idea of him eith a fender, out of my head!

Well, thats it for this time around! We hope you enjoyed the read, and look forward to what we have to offer! Thanks for coming by!

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