Military Green, Motorcycles, and my Daddy!

This article is really about some friends of mine over in Thailand. They are bike builders and taylors. They enjoy making bags for bikes, and have started making them for the world.

Recently, they came out with their military green sissy bar bag. These things are what you want. It is a new design, with and old style!

It reminds me of the old military bag!

The other side of the bag, it laces up like a boot! This, to me, adds to that vintage military look. I like this bag.

Then, the liner, adds to it even more. It make me think of the blanket we used for picnics. To be honest, I look at it and see my Daddy.

Plenty of space!

I don’t talk about myself. My life isn’t a fun story. There was one thing I had, for most of my life, that made it better. That was my step dad. Mickeal Bump Bump Varnum.

Mike Varnum.

I woke up the other day, and was having one of them hard ones. Walking to the living room, I smelt black coffee, and Winston cigarettes. Then I seen that military green bag. My mind starting running through memories.

A great man.

All i could think of was my Daddy. The first time I met him, he was on a 1979 Kawasaki. He would take me for rides on it. The first time, I peed my pants, no need to lie! I was probably 4 years old…

She flew!

I remember watching the grass blow, the utility poles turn into a picket fence, and the wind matting my eye lashed together with tears. It was an experience that would shape years of my life. Then, I thought about that bag…

A US military bag.

The bag above, my daddy had one. He served during Vietnam. He served in two branches of the military. The Navy, which made him sick, and the National Gaurds. His place was in RandD. He messed up televisions, all of them in Vietnam. He then worked on the Tomahawk. Mike also destroyed a Duece and a Half that ran off salt water. They drove it before they cut it to pieces, 80+ miles to a gallon. I dont think he was supposed to talk about that one. He was very sick, and we asked what he did.

A big toy!

As he was telling me that story, my Daddy was getting ready to go on to the next life. He had fought cancer that he had caught during his time in the military. He would always bring me a Retired Flag Star from the V.A. Hospital, as he went for treatments.

Then, one day, he didn’t bring me one.

I asked why he hadn’t brought me a star. He said that he had brought me one for every member of my family that severed. Fourteen stars. He then says he said i would get one more. His. He wasn’t going back, and he was ready to go on passed this life.

Remember those that serve, no matter the country.

A month or so later, I was sitting in our neighborhood church, on the front pew, waiting to be handed my father’s flag. The soldiers came in, and Taps began to play for my Daddy. Im man enough to say Taps got me. I cried, and will if I hear it.

The hardest moment of my life.

That hit me so hard, I couldn’t look up to take the flag. My mother told me to look up, I was not to insult that man. I looked up. He looked as if he was as hurt as I was. He was crying as hard as I was. He would later tell me that he buries his brothers, everyday. It hurts everytime.

I looked around the room. There were Soliders every where. Bikers took up part of the church, and then a variety of all people. Each one came up to me, some got up out of their wheel chairs, to salute my Dad’s flag. One after another, they told me their story. He had reached so many people. He had helped every one he ever met. He is one of the reasons I try to help these guys in my articles, and to reach out to as many people as I can.

Young and scared, but going!

/That military green duffle bag, it reminded me that I had already been through one of the hardest days of my life. My bad day was not so bad. Then I thought about how I wore his military coat to school. It brought back some great memories with the best man I have ever known. He taught me to chase my dreams, to write, to stand up for myself, and to take a chance to love everyone.

Im getting one of these.

I am going to get me one of these bags. Then, all 15 of those fallen soldier stars that my family has earned, im putting them on it. Next, im putting on some of my Dad’s patches.

My Dad kept this flag in his night stand for 50 years.

This will be going on my R9 Military Green Duffle Bag. Olive green! It should be part of a lot of bikes

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