Motor Psychol J, Lays Pipe!

As yall know, I do a profile on builders. This one is on Motor Psychol J. He is not a guy that has built only one or two bikes. J has a long line of bikes and products that his own.

This article is about Motor Psychol Js mufflers! Js builds every set of pipes in this article. The bikes you are seeing, are all their builds.

Spider fangs!

These reminder me of a spider. This is an excellent look. You can pick up a set for less than $500. Thats not bad for bikes that are hard to get parts for.


Motor Psychol Js does all kinds of bikes. They are a bit into the metrics. Harley has too many parts suppliers, but he will still make pipes for them, if you ask. Mufflers are not his only parts! We will cover that next time!

Can you hear them?

Js offers custom mufflers. This is, by far, the best place to get mufflers. You could almost draw a line on a piece of paper, and he will make mufflers.


These guys are putting in the work on these rides! They have turned this into a hard tail. This isnt hard for them, since they sell a ⁷hard tail kit!


I haven’t seen anything like these! That joint looks crazy! I like it!


Myself, I like straight pipes. I want to make a lot of noise! If you can’t tell from the writing.

New Yeller!

It is hard to find this many metrics coming out of one place! It is obvious that this is Motor Pychol Js passion. If you are this good, it should be.


Yound find Motor Psychol Js builds, mufflers, hard tail kits, and the rest of his stuff on Facebook.

This one is short, but you can expect more about J and his builds! We will be taking a look at that hard tail kit, the installation, and price! You are going to be impressed!

Those prices!!!
A Biker’s Life For Me!

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