The Low Down Rally, at Metric Bobbers!!!


With a smile on her face, this 83 Honda Nighthawk brings in the morning. The 80s came out with some nice bikes. It is too bad that it took us 40 years to figure it out! Let’s get out of this field… SLUGGER! BLOCK THE ROAD, ITS TIME TO START HER UP!

Over here, blocking the road, we got Slugger and is01 kawasaki Bobber. This bike includes the custom coffin tank, custom bars, and a custom seat. The pipes are straight, blasting eardrums, everywhere they go. Beautiful. Is that Walter White? Is he cooking that crap again?

Oh! NO! That is that1980 xs400, “Trailerpark Hollywood”! This bike is a custom with the styles or a bobber and the stance of a cafe. Those straight pipes let’s everyone know when she is screaming though the trailer. That camper would be nice to have! I would be sitting on Dirty Myrtle! WHAT WAS THAT!

it’s an 05 VStar 650 classic, and it looks fast, just sitting there. This bike is a Metric Bobber. The fenders are gone, the plastics are gone, the tail is hard. The pipes are chopped. She is slimmed down, trained up, ready to run like one of those Peeky Blinder horses on coke. Excellent.

Haus. Thats what im calling this one. She is built! She looks like she is ready to fight! The lettering is excellent!

The 90s is another generation of excellent looking bikes. With just a few cuts, you can have a bobber look, and keep the hidden mono shock, on these Shadows. LOOK OUT! HERE COMES KUBER!

This man is a biker. He doesn’t get off this bike. Kuder, can we get a look at the bike? Can you get off?

Thank you. This 05 honda shadow spirit 750 is well kept, and a nice look to it. The sissy bar, the seat, the bars, all custom. They bring a lot to the bike. Up next… Wow.

Again, the 80s. This 85 honda magna 700 shows what some love and hard work, can get you. This is a top of the line Metric Bobber. The shine on that paint, is worth more than some bikes.

Come up ten years, you got this, 1994, 1100 honda Shadow Spirit. All those years, and she shines, runs, and rides. Honda builds a great bike. This next one, she is as badass, but not a Honda!

A 2009 Yamaha V star 650 custom. This bike has that look of The Great Escape. The paint pays respect to the troops that rode a bike. The seat, tires, frame, chrome, sets the bike apart. Here comes James! I bet he has something to show and tell us!

What do you have for us, James?

“My junkyard built XV250 with a jockey shifter and foot clutch!”

Look at that pipe! Junk is never built in a junkyard! This thing screams. A 250 is an excellent ride around town bike. They are cheap on fuel, and look great!

You got anything else, James?

“Sure do”.

“Both are my first builds ever! I bought the first one as a $600 all stock Vstar 650 classic! I just started cutting and going at it till it is how it looks now!”

Thats how you learn how!

“The second bike was originally my wife’s first bike! I bought her a cbr600 and she gave me the virago!”

That is an excellent wife! He got another bike, and she got another bike! A family that rides together, stay together! What is it, James?

” it’s a 2007, with super low miles! So, I immediately started, cutting it up, modding it with parts I found from Allen’s Cycle, my local motorcycle junkyard! I always wanted a jockey shift bike! I cut up some stuff and made my own and I love it!”

That is the dream! If you haven’t been to your local junkyard, go. You can end up like James, 2 badass builds! A little imagination and you could have a bike like those, or this next one!

99 Honda shadow 600. Again, those 90s Shadows are where it is at! I own one, and I’m probably fixing to have another.

This Yamaha XVS650, can also live in my garage. I can almost here the wind and engine. Then, it goes quiet. Yall here that water? What beautiful bike, and spot!

Here is Chris’ other ride, an old Lambretta chopper! This is perfect! You can take it to your local races, swap meets, whatever, and have a ride! Then, it is more custom than most bikes! This is nice! Great job!

CHILLING ON A BACK ROAD! DRINKING SOMETHING ICE COLD! I’m walking to these trees to smoke something fat that i rolled! We find Harry, and his VZ800. This picture can have a place on my wall. It defines the mindset of the biker. It makes you want to jump on his bike, and go see what is over that next hill!

Kawasaki vn 800 classic! I like those highway bars. Thats the first I have seen, made that way. This will protect the engine, in a crash.

Xochitl, what do we have here?

“1974 Honda 450 my first build when I was 16!”

I am impressed. What else do you have for us?

“My 2011 Honda shadow 750!”

Nice! She is clean! I can’t wait to see what you do next! I’m heading back one by the water!

Look, a Honda Steed 600! I dont see many of these! Steeds are not where I am from! It has that 90s Shadows look! A lot of it is the same. That plastic behind the seat, for one! This is a nice Steed!


A mean, Intruder vs700 1986! Did you know you could not get a bike over 700cc in America, imported to America, in 86? You couldn’t. This bike is not available in other countries! These Intruders, they get me.

We will talk about that at the next Intruder. First, Vulcan Classic. The Blue Beast! What a fast looking ride! That angle this bike sits at, I love it!

And now, a 06 Honda Shadow VLX 600C. You see a lot of Shadows, for a good reason. Honda had excellent designs, when it comes to anything. The shadow is the motorcycle world’s Civic. You can do anything with a Civic, or Shadow.

This one has a different style. David has used his front fender, as his back fender. Personally, I enjoy this look. It does the job, keeping you dry, and adds to his look. That front tire isn’t hurting this bike, either. That is the look I want. David, where did you get those tires? I’ll be needing a set!

A work of art. What else can I say? Don’t quote me, but this is Mark’s first build. Atleast that is what I think he said. He done it all, even that tank! Impressive! Quit your day job, build. This Suzuki Savage 650 lives up to the Savage name.

Come on! We are going to get high with Jason!

You thought i meant weed? Nope! We are getting on the roof! Look down there! See the 2000 Honda magna 750? Beside it is a 1987 Kawasaki ninja 250 R! Excellent rides!

Jason, also, has another one! A 1982 virago 920! Again, the 80s! The bikes are beast. Im looking for me a bike like this. My girl loves to ride with me, but can’t ride my bobbers. Then he has these three!

A 2000 Honda magna 750, a 1980 Kawasaki 440, and a 1982 Yamaha virago 920. That magna is a nice ride, not to say all of them are not nice rides! I’m sure they are! Lets go inside the garage! We have a build going on in there!

We have a Honda Shadow VT600, hardtailed with a DNA springer front end, and Harley front wheel. This is a versatile builder! He has done some things to this bike! He us showing the definition of a Bobber! Todd isn’t doing too bad for himself, either.

This is the Honda Shadow 600 Bobber look, another reason people love Shadows. By chopping off the back seat supports, and fender mounts, this bike becomes a bobber looking bike. Removing the fender, completes the look.

There is danger in buying someone else’s monoshock bobber build. Make sure the shock is still own the bike, or something has been added to hold the frames in place. A lower look on the Shadows can be achieved by putting nothing under there.

This is dangerous, and can fold the bike, while you ride. Todd has this taken car of. If he didn’t, the plastics behind the seat would line up straighter with the back frame.

This is an awesome build! The forks add a lot! That redone seat is also nice!

Honda 750, 1973. Just look at it. Brian has it down. Hush. Look at this. Sit there and look at. Some bikes don’t need a lot of words. This bikes age and look, they say everything!

A Kawasaki VN800! This is a smooth bike. She isn’t chopped all up! That is ok. Some bikes need to stay like they were made. Its got some custom stuff, but it is kept right. If it rides good, and looks the way you want, you can’t ask anymore than this.

Another, savage, 01 Suzuki Savage! Suzuki are mean looking bikes! Even from the angle, this bike shows that it is street mean! Here is another street mean Suzuki!

The 1989 Suzuki intruder 1400. The 80s and 90s Intruder tanks are some of the best looking tanks. Dave has done nothing but improvements to this one! You can look for a solid hour, and not see everything!

The bars. The seat. The flat black. This 2000 yamaha road star, is a star of the road. Dave done it twice!

A cafe racer! This 1980 xs400 US Custom is built to race! John has given it a nice stance and made her look fast! This is an excellent style for taller riders!

Speed, looks, and a loud scream. This Yamaha xv 1700, has every bit of that! Wendell has put a lot into this bike, and it shows!

Suzy! 800 intruder… Im scared. I am scared because this bike reminds me of my first build. She is a hellyun. I cant beat her! I love her, the looks she gives off, the sound…

Anyways! We are talking about Joe’s! This bike shines! If you dont like that blue, you are lost in a sea of gray! Those big tims they put on front, they are sweet! Intruders are awesome, just not mine.

Look, it is an excellent build. Dennis forgot to tell me the make and model, but I can guess what his bike is. Can you? Leave your guess in the comments!

Jory caledl this 81 g.s. 1000g, ugly. This is a Bobber! Gas tank, engine, seat, frame, tires, that is all a real one has. That is all that is this picture. Jory has payed true respects to the original styles!

This has been a long one! Im getting tired! Thats ok. I have had real fun!

These last three, as the sun sets, are blocking our other roads. This 99 Shodow 600 of Mat’s is nice! The two tone pipes gives it it’s on look. The picture is also amazing!

Here we have an amazing picture! This XVS 1100 build is something most dream of. That black on black… the sexiness of how the seat fits the finder. Curves… Beyond remarkable.

What a day of amazing bikes! Here is our last one! When you say you have a bobber, this 82 XS650 is what I imagine. I want to see through the bike. I dont want to see added parts, fenders, plastics, fake oil cans, or anything extra. This is perfect! Micheal has done it!

ALRIGHT THAT’S IT! GET OFF MY ROADS AND OUT OF MY FIELD! IT OVER! Ah hell, light a fire. Let’s camp, tell stories, and get drunk!

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