That looks more serious than what it is. Hello, I am Kris Kay. I am a writer. My main topic is motorcycles. As my blog’s name says, it is a Biker’s life for me. A little help is needed.

Click here to get on the list for a sticker!
Click to get on the list for stickers!

The groups that I post in, you all support my writing. I more than appreciate that! Yalk make me want to do more, and to keep going. It is hard to get over a thousand viewers on a YouTube channel, in the first week. It is almost impossible to do with a blog.

This is a gift, a blessing, and a honor.

I cant thank yall enough. In my drafts, are a few new things. I have more rally post from your groups! Those are fun for everyone. Ill be doing one for every group that allows me to share! Also, I am doing destinations, places to stop and eat, and reviews of merch. There is a lot more coming!

A classic, 70s honda.

I do need a little more help. Im selling stickers. They are $5. I have ordered only 10. I have not put a link to anything on the stickers. It is the pirate. If you ride, it is a Biker’s life for you. The sticker fits you.

Click here to put your name on the list for a sticker!
Click to get on the list for stickers!

I will use this money, $50, to buy more stickers. After selling those, I’ll use that money to pay to have my on website. Im going to build a site that has no cookies, no data collection, no ads, and free. It won’t be a money grab.

Beautiful Honda Shadow. I dont find many Harley customs…

Thanks for all that you do! If you can, help me out, get a sticker! If you have an idea, or think I should change something, let me know! Have a good one!


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