1986-87 CMX450, The MTV Motorcycle!

Let’s talk about the 1886-87 Honda CMX450 Rebel. A great place to start is the build. First we got the 4 stroke, 6 speed, move maker. This came with a wet clutch and chain drive. Everything else, brakes and such, are basically the same as the Honda styles, years before and years after.

The big difference is that this bike took the Rebel from 250 to 450. The engine was changed to the 4 stroke V twin, giving it a lot more power. The fuel tank also comes with a a lot more fuel capacity, allowing for longer rides!

The CMX 450 has a very low stance. The seat sits low, as all Rebels do. A lot of riders say that this was done to attract women to riding.

This is not true. Honda would go on to release a statement saying that this bike was for the MTV generation! It was to attract smaller riders. Then, they put this guy, on a scooter, instead of the Rebel, to try and sell scooters. Why they said it was a bike for the MTV kids, and done that is beyond me. I mean, watch these commercials… Things have changed… https://youtu.be/cvU6QskEdSg

The main thing the Rebel has going for it is the low stance and low seat. With the basic design of the frame, the Rebel can be rebuilt into a beautiful beast of a custome bike.

Then, with the new interests in Honda, and people like TJ Brutal and Justin Alexander putting out parts to customize these bikes, you can do almost anything with them! Honda is becoming one of the best bikes to build, on a super small budget.

Another big plus about the bike is the single bar frame. This allows a builder to use Sportster tanks, and other styles. A Shadow frame has two bars, the single bar on the rebel, helps the tanks sit down more than a Shadow. The Shadow frame would force a Sportster tank to sit on top of the frame.

The 1886-87 CMX450 was replaced by the CMX500, in 88. A CMX450 is a great bike to restore, or rebuild! If you have one, you have a good one! Thanks for reading!


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